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20-10-06, 16:54
Hi maybe some of you guys can help you seem to know more about TR than me. I used to run TR3 on Win 98 but have since upgraded to win 2000 which meant that I couldn't run the game any more until I saw the patch on the chronicles website so I downloaded and followed the instructions to patch the game by installing the new exe, and dll files and setting up the compatability mode for win 98 but I can't get the game to startup, for some reason it cannot see the CD drive! The CD is ok because it runs ok on my laptop.


20-10-06, 16:59
The patch is for running the game on XP and Windows 2000, so setting it to Windows 98 compatibility is a no-no. Turn off compatibility.

Moving to Technical support, should you require any further help.

20-10-06, 18:24
Welcome to the forum Bazill,

Download and install the Patch from HERE (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trupdate.exe)

Update to latest patch and FMV programs. Also an option to copy the audio files to disk to eliminate any pauses in game play due to accessing the CD-ROM. This also solves not seeing the CD.

20-10-06, 22:03
What Sim is saying is that the patch takes care of that all: patch the game, install the FMV program and copy the audiofiles to hdd! :) When you apply the patch, do NOT use compatibility mode! If you did, undo it or
uninstall the game,
then use trrc.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/trrc.exe) (TR Registry Cleaner will remove all game settings left behind after uninstalling TR games),
and re-install the game before you patch with our patch (and NOT applying compatibility mode!).