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22-10-06, 18:04
This is actually a problem I'm having with The Sims 2 Pets, I hope it's okay to post it in a TR forum. I wanted to ask here because it's the best tech-support board I know of (and am a member of ;)).

Although both my computers have a DVD-rom drive, one is broken and the other has issues with installing the game (i.e. it won't). So, I used the DVD-rom drive that can read the disk to copy ALL the DVD files onto my other computer (via a memory stick thing). I installed the Pets game without a hitch. However, to run the game, the program is still insisting on having the DVD to run it from. Seeing as I have all the DVD files on my hard-drive, I figured it could just use those files instead. I mean, they're the same files, aren't they?

Anyway, I would be very grateful to anybody who knows what the problem is. Even better if they could suggest a solution. :D

Thank you in advance to anyone that replies. :) I hope I made sense!

22-10-06, 18:47
The games are written to check for the CD/DVD, under the assumption that if someone has bought the game legally, he/she will always be able and want to insert the CD/DVD before running the game. Solving this problem is difficult, not technically, but legally. Since this is a copy protection mechanism, it is illegal in many countries to circumvent it. That you do not want to pass the game to others and only play it yourself is, sadly, of no importance.

The three possible solutions are:

See if you can get the DVD drives to work again. Buy a new one if really necessary. I'm afraid I can't help you with this, but it is certainly the best way.
Use a NoCD crack. I don't know where to find those, and they are considered illegal. Whether someone would actually sue you for using it just for yourself is a different question.
Use a virtual DVD drive. There are different softwares for this, some OSs have such functions built in. Notice that some games will try to detect this (Sims 2 is one of them) and will not allow you to play this way.

Lara Lover
22-10-06, 18:49
I used a VirtualDrive for The Sims 2 and it worked for me. :tmb: I forget what you called that program. ;)

22-10-06, 19:10
Thank you both very much for the info. :)

We are getting a new DVD drive on tuesday, I'm just a very impatient soul who wanted to have a go before then. ;) I was looking at those no-CD fixes, according to Megagames they're legal if you own the game (although I suppose you can't be to careful). The one I got doesn't work anyway.

I will look into virtual drives. Thanks again! :)