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22-10-06, 22:22
Hello again its me, im stuck in the place where i have flooded the floor but i cant seem to work out how and what to do with those rafts, im sick of trying everything. Dont know what to do next apart from throwing my 360 out of the window and read a book!
Thanks in advance Jonniethai

22-10-06, 22:24
After flooding the room drop into the water and climb out into the exit and climb down the ladders and make your way to the new path where the spears were inactive before. Or if you haven't pulled the statues arms then use your grapple to the pillars and pull and make your way to the ladder laedin to 2 weight lift blocks.

22-10-06, 22:46
Hello jonniethai if you're not able to find out what you have to do like a Raider, better not ask for it, but stop the game and read a book. :)

22-10-06, 22:56
Here (http://www.tombraiderhub.com) you'll find what to do :).

23-10-06, 08:02
Cheers everyone.