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23-10-06, 20:47
I just got TR1 and unfinished business through the post today and i was wondering where to find the patch for windows xp? i loaded the game then my screen went weird :o

23-10-06, 20:51
There is no XP patch for TR1, but rather some software and tools that you need to install so as to get a good performance from the game.

I suggest you have a look at the TR1 Technical FAQ (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html) so as to find out about what you need to download (page includes download links too) and instructions on how to use them :)

23-10-06, 20:53
Thanx Nicky:wve:

23-10-06, 21:23
Ok iv installed everything and Gildos and when i run tomb raider from gildos it comes up with a black screen but does nothing im so bad at these things lol

23-10-06, 22:06
Ok i installed dgvoodoo instead and i cant uninstall gildos and when i go and run tr now its saying the video card isnt compatible with my version of windows or somthing guese i have to get a new one:o Can a mod move this to the technical support please? sorry -_-

23-10-06, 23:45
nicky would you like to move this thread to tech support please ? :) :)

its saying the video card isnt compatible with my version of windows

It's strange :confused:

24-10-06, 06:36
Moved to Tech Section.

24-10-06, 06:43
You can uninstall Glidos by deleting its directory. Do not mix Glidos and DgVoodoo. I wonder if you really followed the TR1 Technical FAQ (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html) ?

24-10-06, 22:20
*lara lover* told me that it was working fine now. :)

24-10-06, 22:34
*lara lover* is not able to tell that him/herself here? :confused:

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24-10-06, 22:59
It would be nice if members posted back and told us that their problem was fixed and how it was done. That way we could find a solution faster for another member's problem which was similar or same.

26-10-06, 13:17
Sorry....i was busy:( yes i did get it working and i did read the technical faq properly anyways thanx for the help:)

27-10-06, 06:23
But we'd still like to know exactly what you did. :)

27-10-06, 11:55
By first "read(ing) the technical faq properly" of course! :)