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14-08-03, 06:25
Scenery: After being teleported to the red room, climbing through the passage way and in the crawl space where a guard is on patrol with a keypad.

I need to use the CHLOROFORM on the guard. But everytime I approach him, the time is up and he turns around and sees me. Is there anyway I can run up the ramp or walk faster? Or is there a savegame I can have?

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14-08-03, 12:40
Howdy Chronicles.

There is no time for approaching the guard. You have to walk behind him. Make sure you press the "Walk" button while approaching him.

As for your question, please contact the site about that. Thanks http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-08-03, 12:47

Try this; Wait for the guard to use the pad and open the door. Follow him up the ramp and climb the block on the left near the top. You can take the guard out when your ready or do what you have to do and exit without attacking the guard. ;)


14-08-03, 13:14
When I was playing Chronicles in HC-mode I just sprinted inside the room, pressed the switch and quickly crawled out whitout any health loss... ;)

14-08-03, 13:21
Yeah. Many ways to complete that section. You don't even have to bother killing him. But the hard ways for the people who have completed the game once.