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26-10-06, 20:56
Hey all!

Before I start, I'm not here to advertise.. Just share my favourite online radio station :D

Is anyone here interested in hardcore/dance music? If so, my mate (DJ NRG, who kicks ass) works for an online radio station. Its got hardcore music playing 24/7 (I believe). :jmp:

You can listen to the radio station here:

- http://gunradio.servemp3.com:8000/listen.pls (Need WinAmp)
- http://gunradio.servemp3.com:8000/ (For WMP, click File>Open URL and paste that)
- Song history and status here: http://gunradio.servemp3.com:8000/
- Their site: http://www.gunradio.com

There is nobody on live at the moment, but some kick ass tunes never the less :D

Feel free to come and listen :D

Mods, if you feel this is inappropriate, feel free to close.


26-10-06, 21:00
sorry jamie , but this doesn't interest me anymore :pi:

26-10-06, 21:14
If anyone is intrested.. One of Scott Devotion's mixes are on..

He is one of the best and one of the most popular DJs ever :D

27-10-06, 08:23
I think I would pass; Sorry Jamie

27-10-06, 11:02
I hate hardcore music, im sorry Jamie :(

27-10-06, 12:04
I'm not a big fan of this sort of music (though I am listening now :p) but I think your friend deserves some credit for taking the initiative to start up his own online radio station. Maybe this thread could made into a radio station recommendation thread to make it more inclusive others though? (just a suggestion :)) thanks for sharing!

Edit - I usually listen to this when I'm doing schoolwork or research: http://www.helpmechill.com/