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28-10-06, 03:56
great news about the anniversary screenshots. anyway yes2day i downloaded Windows Vista RTM and i havnt installed it since i got stuff on XP i need. But aprently the build number isnt on the windows screen anymore on the left down-bottom and has speed improvements:jmp:

i got the news from thehotfix.net like usual and downloaded at very high speed at 1.1mbps which is great:)

now need another hardrive.

28-10-06, 07:52
first of all i was sick of burning dvds on my laptop becuase first its 2.4x and it only accepts dvd+rw not dvd-rw(that wasn the big problem) so i just got 60bux to buy a really good burner and i quicky went on my bike and racing down to the IT warehouse and guess, they were closed. i was so tired and it was really cold and windy. I WAS ANGRY. So i i put vista on my sisters laptop so i can burn it. But guess what, the iso is ****ed(currupted) i was soo ****en ****ed. WHAT A WASTE OF DOWNLOAD and then i went back to thehotfix.net and guess what, they down. i literally bashed my keybord and then i went on googleto find other sites but guess what,they also down and i just restarted my pc. as soon as xp loaded up guess what,blue screen of death came up. i just went crazy and off the pc forcefull way.

so now im reinstalling xp and downloading vista at the same time.but i backed up my pc b4 so i can clear some space.which i cleared about 20gigs. So now im buying my self atleast another 80gigs and stuff the burner, I NEED THAT EXTRA SPACE!!!!

28-10-06, 13:13
i told my pc to hibernate after an hour and i left it and went out and it stayed on. what is wrong with it my old celeron pc did what i told it 2.omg this new pc is ****ing me off now,first it takes forever to install any windows(STUPID BIOS) now this and dos doesnt work proplery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:hea: :hea: :hea:

waste of 6hours of power for nothing.

28-10-06, 13:43
Abraham, i am going to merge your 3 "Diary"-posts. Don't start a new thread please.