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29-10-06, 08:01
surprising it saves alot of energy and is much cheaper then lcd or plasma tvs when it comes out and the fouder company is AUSTRALIAN!!!:jmp: :jmp: :jmp: and will be released in christmas 2007. i hope australian doesn't get left since, you know why if you read it.lol


29-10-06, 08:37
“If you look at any screen today, the colour content is roughly about 30-35 per cent of what the eye can see,” he said.

“But for the very first time with a laser TV we'll be able to see 90 per cent of what the eye can see.

“All of a sudden what you see is a lifelike image on display.”

Combine that with energy efficiency, price advantage and the fact that the laser TVs will be half the weight and depth of plasma TVS, and Mr Pelaprat says “plasma is now something of the past”.
Interesting read, Abraham! :tmb:

29-10-06, 11:54
I was reading this story on bbc recently. Looks like an intersting development.

29-10-06, 15:20
I heard about this a couple months ago as well, though there was a much better technical explanation then (sadly I can't remember it now).
I hope the name "laser TV" doesn't stick, though, because that sounds really cheap/corny/hokey/etc.:eek: :hea:

29-10-06, 15:29
Well there had to be something one day that will displace Plasma, hopefully this will be truely better.