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in these arms
29-10-06, 08:49
In which I mean, What Method Of Learning Suits You?


29-10-06, 08:57
Or even VKA? (it's the recognised form of language styles in UK schools ;)).

V = Visual - you learn by watching.
K = Kinesthetic - you learn by moving (doing).
A = Audio - you learn by hearing.

Most people are visual learners (I am one), although most young children start off as kinesthetic learners and move over to visual learning as they grow older. We have little tests that all kids have to complete to find out what style they are so we can effectively plan our lessons around that - if most of the learners in the class a K's, then we plan activities with lots of movement, if A's, then we use a lot of sound (music / rhymes etc) and with V's (the norm) we use visual aides such as work sheets and colour coding. :)

in these arms
29-10-06, 08:59
I knew I missed some out, thanks Elysia ;)

I'm a Naturalist, I study by listning to nature, and mainly thinking about it too. Though, sadly, there aint any, not where I go to school to anyway :(

But Magpies to fly around, which make me smile :D

Melonie Tomb Raider
29-10-06, 09:05
Kinesthetic :)

29-10-06, 09:07
Cool bit of info - I never knew what VKA was - cheers Elysia! :D

And I always end up doing what you say is Naturalist learning anyway - it's just fun and relaxing to watch/listen to nature!

29-10-06, 10:10
Yer VKA or for language and spelling it was the good old fashioned LCWC :D

But I loved in junior school having lessons on the field anout nature and stuff that takes a peacefull mind to learn and understand

29-10-06, 10:38
My father always told me, "the sight is the one that works"

29-10-06, 12:45
We did that VKA test at college. I'm Kinesthetic, which basically means I can draw all over my work and get away with it, according to the "learning suggestions" sheet I got. ;)

29-10-06, 12:47
You listed interpersonal twice, I think one of them's supposed to be intrapersonal. ;)

I think I'm linguistic and a little intrapersonal.

29-10-06, 13:46
I learn factual stuff best using visual aids. I really REALLY hated being told off in Geography for doodling little memory-aiding pictures and cartoons in the margins; they way the school taught (dictating from a book) was utterly useless to me. :(

For practical things, I learn best by doing them myself. Assembling things like computers, cupboards, etc. If I'm guided through it the first time, I can put together all the others no problem. (Assembly instruction booklets are USELESS.) :p

29-10-06, 15:29
I'm a Kinesthetic learner

29-10-06, 15:36
a got told i learn in a variety of ways by this silly test we had to do at the begining of college

but normally if its a boring task the only way i will learn is by being shouted at ALOT lol