View Full Version : TRFPS is popular even away from TRF

29-10-06, 14:06
how cool is this!


rivendell is gonna be a star :jmp:

btw i posted this here, cos its about the fan movie

29-10-06, 14:21
Yeay this is great! :D *feels proud of our member/s* :tmb:

29-10-06, 14:23
Congratulations,Rivendell :)!

It's very good to know the artistic work our members create is admired outside the forum!!

Laras Backpack
29-10-06, 14:25
Oooo! Fame has come knocking, Rivendell! :tmb:

29-10-06, 14:25
:tmb: Ey-up, Riv... you'll be handing out autographs next!

29-10-06, 14:36
So.. uhm.. Chris? when are you going to do that Movie in Greece with Lara, Pipolinne and me :whi:?

your getting famous! :tmb:

29-10-06, 14:57
There are no frontiers :)

29-10-06, 15:01
:D How cool!! :D Thanks for posting Dave, feels strange to think that other people outside of TRF are talking about the vids!

I noticed FPS bloopers and FPS 3 aren't there - the latter might not fit in their criteria of "None are too long. " ;)

Mix - I feel like saying definitely one day :tmb: Because I have a feeling it would be simply amazing!