View Full Version : When did you find Tomb Raider Chronicles/Forums

29-10-06, 15:22
When did you find Tomb Raider Chronicles/Forums...

29-10-06, 15:22
When I joined, lol.

Tomb Raider Master
29-10-06, 15:23
Chronicles: long time ago :p
Forum: 2005, not quite sure have I lurked before :D

Tomb Raider 5194
29-10-06, 15:23
In google, I enter the first one in the list, in mid June 2005 :D and TRC in the forums dont remember when.

29-10-06, 15:27
I found it in 2004 I think...I was looking for a walkthrough..But I didn't join the forums til' 2005

29-10-06, 15:28
When I joined, lol.Snap!

29-10-06, 15:29
I found the forum before I found Chronicles, which is kinda weird. :vlol:

29-10-06, 15:30
TR Forums, I think it was in 2004. As for TRChronicles, I found about it when I joined the forums.

29-10-06, 15:30
I found the forum before I found Chronicles, which is kinda weird. :vlol:

Same here :D I found the forum on the 6th. of September

29-10-06, 15:30
this summer :o

29-10-06, 15:32
*looks under everyones avatar*

good god would you look at that, a join date :yik::yik:!! lol :vlol:

found chronicles about the same time as joing the forums

29-10-06, 17:28
A long, long time ago... In a galaxy far, far away...

Ada the Mental
29-10-06, 17:40
A month ago...When I joined,apparently...

29-10-06, 17:43
When I googled tomb raider

29-10-06, 17:44

29-10-06, 17:53
Chronicles.. erm.. since it's been around? I cant remember when.. 2000 - 2001 something? :confused: .. I found the forums almost 2 years ago.. It's been fun watching you guys :p I only joined at the end of last january.

29-10-06, 17:54
I found TRC many years ago, pretty much about the time that I started playing Tomb Raider, and it soon became my no 1 TR resource; however I didn't know the site had also a forum (the tiny link was hiding in some dark corner :p); I found out about it in the summer of 2003, when I was playing AOD and was looking for tips on how to beat Brother Obscura or Boaz (not sure after all this time). I then started browsing around and a few months later, I joined :)

29-10-06, 18:47
Summer 2003....after a bad case of banging my head against the wall with regard to a horrible little floating monk with his arse on fire.

The forum answered my prayers for deliverence...and I've hung around ever since :D

Ada the Mental
29-10-06, 18:50
Summer 2003....after a bad case of banging my head against the wall with regard to a horrible little floating monk with his arse on fire.
That's exactly how I first found TRC:mad:

29-10-06, 18:50
I found the site early last year (I think it must've been around January) and as for the forum, check my join date :)


29-10-06, 19:01
I found TRC same time when i joined, i needed help for TR 1 and i searched by google for a forum so i did the first one and that's why i joined :)

29-10-06, 19:14
Chronicles: late 2001/early 2002
Forums: about a week before i joined

Hybrid Soldier
29-10-06, 19:17
A month before i joined. Which would have been...March 2006. I found Chronicles and from their i found TRF. :wve:

Lara Coft Baby
29-10-06, 19:31
I googled in Tomb Raider and found the site, then i found the board and joined :p

Laras Backpack
29-10-06, 19:34
When the first 3D screens of Legend came out. I was revising for my first year exams and realised that TR7 should be in production. I did a google search and Chronicles was at the top of the list. I found the forums and lurked for a few months before joining. :D

29-10-06, 19:41
When I read an early interview about the Level Editor that said "future updates could be released".
I immediately googled for "Tomb Raider Level Editor" and I found the relative Sub-Forum of TRC... :p I didn't know english enough to subscribe this Forum. But now I think I am... don't I?!?!?!?

...Anyway no updates were ever released... -__-'

29-10-06, 19:53
I found the site when I was looking for downloads concerning custom levels + the level editor. After that it didn't take too long to join the forums, but it took me maybe a year to introduce myself :p

Agent 47
29-10-06, 21:03
i found the main site last year...and good it is too

i discovered the actual forum this year lol

someone posted about an Anniversary video on my motorsport board....so, being a fan of the TR series i went searching for it :D and voila...i ended up here :jmp:

:vlol: :cool:

29-10-06, 21:31
About a week or so ago :jmp:

Lonely Istari
29-10-06, 21:56
I found out about the forums through my sister (Egyptiangal) a couple of years ago. lol we were both stuck in a spot in TRLR and were looking for walkthroughs :p And chronicles... a short while later through the forums ;)

29-10-06, 22:00
I found Chronicles about two years ago, soon after I first started playing TR, and wanted to hunt down every bit of information about the game.

I noticed the site had a forum sometime in late March/early April this year, when I was desperately looking for news about Legend. I lurked for a few weeks before joining in May - the day I bought Legend, btw.

29-10-06, 22:02
After hearing theres a new TR game out on GamerTV, I found Chronicles, then the forums were dicovered 3 seconds afterwards

29-10-06, 23:22
Chronicles: 3rd of October 2005: I wanted to know where to find a walkthrough,before starting to play AOD. I like to have all under control :D!

TRF: 1st of November.I decided to join,because I wanted to argue about the waterfall picture presenting skinny Lara,but with more realistic breasts!

29-10-06, 23:41
I was lurking around on www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com) and I found out about "this" forum site, which I wanted to join. I actually think I was looking for pictures of Tomb Raider Legend... So that's how I got my username too. :wve:

29-10-06, 23:43
Back in january! I was looking for some TR/Lara pics, and Chronicles was one of the best places there is!

I joined the forums in january, but didn't actually post anything until April after I completed legend.

29-10-06, 23:56
I found Chronicles back in March - I had just bought TR2 again for PC, and had run in to the dreaded "Tomb2 needs a new version to run..." error. Anyway, I found the solution pretty quickly, and was impressed by how extensive the Chronicles site was, so I checked out the links for the forums too. I lurked for a couple of days but it didn't take long before I decided to sign up proper :D

SpongeBob Lover
30-10-06, 00:58
when i needed help for AOD, i went online and found Chronicles and from there this forum :)

30-10-06, 01:45
when i needed help for AOD, i went online and found Chronicles and from there this forum :)

Ditto, though it was a couple years before I actually joined the forums.

in these arms
30-10-06, 07:26
Last December, I think, when I needed help on Memory Cards. I only knew about the forums, because I searched "Tomb Raider Forums" and it came up with this and not TRC, so since people have been giving me URL's to TRC, thats when I've been finding out if it was the actual homepage.

30-10-06, 07:38
I found the forum in 2003.
I hadn't seen the site until after I joined.

30-10-06, 07:59
I found tr chronicles before aod was released. Then one day I check out the site and they announced the 7th tr game called Legend. I was thrilled. I tried to dig as many information as I can from the site and planet lara. Then I went to google and search for tr forums that are top of the search list. Here we are.

30-10-06, 11:21
Found Chronicles sometime last year... when i first got my PC :) back in the times where i would sit on the PC from like 9PM - 6AM and get massive head aches :vlol: found the forum around September 2005... or at least i think thats when... Because i seen legend in a magazine and was super interested hehe :D I wanted all the latest info so i decided to join the forum

30-10-06, 11:29
Well i found Tomb Raider Chronicles years and years ago, i found the walkthroughs very useful when i was younger :D

And the Forums i signed up to in 2004 and then forgot about them, then rediscovered them around the time the first ever Tomb Raider Legend picture was released, and i have been using them ever since that!

30-10-06, 12:38
I found Chronicles years ago. I was a regular visitor there for quite some time. Then at some point I found the forums and joined, but that old account's gone now.

30-10-06, 12:40
I stumbled on them both by sheer chance in the summer :D

da tomb raider!
30-10-06, 17:09
I found Chronicles about 2 years ago (Damn great site :D )
And I found out about the forums last January (When I signed up, dur! :p )

30-10-06, 17:20
Forums - February 2006 the day I joined
TRC - Before Forums,I don't remember.

30-10-06, 17:20
I referred to it a few years back to find the solution to a sticky problem I had in the trenches of ancient Cairo...

However, I only joined up a few months ago to be brutally honest.


30-10-06, 19:31
I was searching on tomb raider chronicles on google. Then I saw tombraiderchronicles.com. I was looking in that side some days then I saw our forum or something like that. So I clicked and joined.

Lara's Boy
30-10-06, 19:36
I found chronicles years ago, and visited quite regulary. When Legend info started getting released is around the time I decided to join the forum.

30-10-06, 19:55
I think I came accross the website a few years ago, then I went back on it this year, and joined this very forum in April 2006.

30-10-06, 20:36
I'm really happy that I've found TRC, thanks to that TR website, now I'm in here.:D I found it on April 2006 XD. (but joined later :D)

Lara Croft!
30-10-06, 21:09
I found it and registered on April 2006...

30-10-06, 22:39
About 1 1/2 year ago, but didn't register imm.

30-10-06, 22:50
In the beginning of the sacred year 2006 :yah:

31-10-06, 01:46
when i found trchronicles i didnt join till 2yrs afterwards lol