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29-10-06, 17:02
Hello everybody. :wve:

I would really appreciate some participants to take part in my psychology test. It's very basic - basically, it's a three-part survey. Each part should take no longer than ten minutes to complete, and I will send them to you one at a time, either through PM or e-mail. Note: The survey does not have to be completed entirely tonight. I wanted to get it done by Wednesday, though.

The test involves video games, so I specifically looking for people who play them. Seeing as this is a Tomb Raider forum, I'm sure pretty much any one of you would qualify. ;)

One thing though; I need participants to be 18 or over. I'm not entirely sure, but I think I need parental permission if I survey anyone who is under 18, which would be a lot of hassle, so I'm just keeping it to over 18's.

I'm sorry I cannot give many details about the experiment; too much information would probably sway your answers, which I don't really want to happen. Naturally, I will tell you at the end what it's all about, of course!

So, anybody up for it? I would be really grateful! :)

tlr online
29-10-06, 17:04
Providing my answers can be anonymous, PM away :wve:

29-10-06, 17:08
Oh, yes, of course. Forgot to mention that! :D

All results will be anonymous, and probably just given a code (like 1a, 2b, whatever) to differentuate between them.

Anyway, thanks TLR! I'll be PM-ing when I have enough people. :)

29-10-06, 17:09
I'll do it :)

oh didnt see the age :(

Jake Croft
29-10-06, 17:10
Ill do it aslong as it doesnt involve playing any games?
[[I cant be bothered moving from my chair]]

29-10-06, 17:11
Sorry about that, I just want to be careful. I'd hate to get a load of results only to find out I can't use half of them. x.x

But thanks for being willing, anyway. :)

[EDIT] No, Jake, you will not have to move from the screen! ;) Although I may not be able to get it all done tonight. I'll try, though.

Jake Croft
29-10-06, 17:12
Count me out now i have to eat my tea and then watch a movie
Eeek sorry <3

29-10-06, 17:17
I'll do it. Although I not sure how long I'll be available this evening.

29-10-06, 17:22
It probably won't just be this evening. I'll send you PMs and you can get back to me with it as soon as possible. It's not nessecary that I complete it tonight. :)

29-10-06, 17:22
You can count me in. :)

29-10-06, 17:23
I would participate but if it is video games related, and since I have only played TR, I won't score much.

29-10-06, 17:29
Thanks, Thorn and Anubis. :)

Anubis, don't worry; it's not that sort of survey. I can't say exactly what I'm testing, but it really doesn't matter if you're a hard-core gamer or not!

29-10-06, 17:39
Out of curiosity who would actually know if we're 18 or not? Since it's anonymous does it really matter, couldn't people just pretend (granted they don't have their DOB in their profile)? I mean people have thought I was in my 20s... err... I mean, I'm really "18" can I participate? :D

29-10-06, 17:40
Count me in then :)

29-10-06, 17:43
Out of curiosity who would actually know if we're 18 or not? Since it's anonymous does it really matter, couldn't people just pretend (granted they don't have their DOB in their profile)? I mean people have thought I was in my 20s... err... I mean, I'm really "18" can I participate? :D

Well, if you say you're 18 on the survey, how am I to know otherwise? :whi:

29-10-06, 17:46
Well... I am therefore "18" and will be willing to participate :whi: :D

29-10-06, 17:47
Thank you! :D

29-10-06, 17:54
Going to send out the first part now; I still need more participants, however, so if you want to take part, please say! I'll send it out as soon as I see your post. :)

29-10-06, 17:55
count me in :)

29-10-06, 17:55
Are you going to wait for the PM feature to come back, or..? :)

Edit. It's already back :D

29-10-06, 17:57
It is back; I just got a PM through, anyway, so I assume it is. :D

Thanks, MiCkiZ88!

[ETA] Part One has been sent.

29-10-06, 18:21
If you're still looking for participants, I'm available!

29-10-06, 18:25
I can, but and if I don't understand the question well? :o

29-10-06, 18:31
i will do it :)

i know what its like doing these ruddy things. i had to do them for sociology lol

29-10-06, 18:34
Ahha, I love you all!

...I mean, thank you. :D

Tampi, don't worry about having to understand. Just do the best you can. :) I'm just very grateful that you're willing to participate.

I will be leaving for a short while now, but I shall come back later to send out part 1 or part 2 to those who need it. :) More participants still welcome!

29-10-06, 19:03
Right, I've sent them to you three. Anybody else want to help out? :)

29-10-06, 19:05
Well I was gonna go for it but its for 18 ova only so poopie.

29-10-06, 19:05
Right, I've sent them to you three. Anybody else want to help out? :)

i will finnish my art research then im on it :tmb:

29-10-06, 19:06
I'm 19, so i guess I could help :D

29-10-06, 19:18
Thanks, Paperdoll! I'll send yours out after I've sent out the Part II's.

Stig...did you read my reply to Dingaling? :D

29-10-06, 19:38
Right, everybody who is participating has been sent part 1 now. Part 2 has been sent to Thorn, Spence, Miss Croft, Micki, Dingaling and Tampi. :wve:

29-10-06, 19:42
Sent my answers now Natla'd :wve:

only Croft
29-10-06, 19:52
I do every test online I can find. I like to know as much about me as I can so please send the questions :D

29-10-06, 19:53
If you need any more people I'll do it. :)

29-10-06, 20:03
Thanks, you two! Sending it on over!

29-10-06, 20:06
this experiment has been quite fun so far :D roll on part 3! lol

29-10-06, 20:07
That'll be tomorrow. :p I've been hogging the computer all night!

Agent 47
29-10-06, 20:08
send away Natla'd

i'll have a go :jmp:

only Croft
29-10-06, 20:11
Ups sorry I'm only 13 years old I accdently skiped that line sorry. But you have my parents consurne if it helps

29-10-06, 20:13
Woo! Have I mention how much I love you all, my darling participants? And now I'm sending one to the Hitman himself! :D

only Croft, I guess that'll be okay. I won't tell if you don't. ;)

29-10-06, 20:14
I wonder how long it'll be before Natla'd declares us all insane? :D

29-10-06, 20:16
I wonder how long it'll be before Natla'd declares us all insane? :D

i believe by the end of the week lol

Agent 47
29-10-06, 20:30
won't take that long for me to be declare insane :jmp:

part 1 returned Natla'd

29-10-06, 20:39
Thanks everybody! I will be going soon. I'll send out part 3's and part 2's tomorrow. Anybody else who wants to join in, just say and I'll send out yours as well.

BTW, I'm not testing for insanity. Or am I...? ;)

Laras Backpack
29-10-06, 20:58
I'll have a go if you need more people. :D

29-10-06, 22:07
If you need any more participants, I'm available. :)

Ward Dragon
29-10-06, 23:01
I'll participate if you still need more people :)

29-10-06, 23:39
I'll help out if you need the help. *Assures you that I'm 18 really*:D

29-10-06, 23:55
Thanks! I'm sending you all the survey now. :)

30-10-06, 11:13
PM me as well

30-10-06, 11:15
I'm in too. It might be a bit delayed because I'm not near a computer at all during work, but I'll get to you ASAP.

30-10-06, 11:33
Ill gladly take part!

Send away! :wve:

30-10-06, 12:02
Thanks, you three! I can't send it now because it's on a different computer, but I'll try to get it over this evening. :wve:

30-10-06, 12:36
yeah, send me part 3 natla'd:)

30-10-06, 12:52
Patience, my child. :p

30-10-06, 13:30
Am I too late?

30-10-06, 17:36
Patience, my child. :p

i have non of that either lol

i want to do part 3 woooooooo lol

30-10-06, 18:06
Patience, my child.

Mommy,mommy, what's patience?
Natla'd: Patience are sick people who stays at hospital, my child.

30-10-06, 20:36
Everybody should have recieved either part 1, 2 or 3 of the survey now. Please tell me if you have not recieved the part you were expecting. :wve:

30-10-06, 20:39
Doing the third part right now :wve:

30-10-06, 20:42
am I to late???? :D hope not...i whant to get in too ...dose it mater...there are 2 weeks till i'll make 18.. :)

30-10-06, 21:06
Andymy, I've sent you part 1. :)

Mona Sax
30-10-06, 21:11
I'll volunteer too, if you still need some participants. I'm 23.

30-10-06, 21:12
there we go, all done and dusted :)!

30-10-06, 21:24
Thanks Mona Sax, I'll send you part 1 in a jiffy. :) Laras Backpack, I'm sending you part 3.

I have to go now, so I won't be sending any more parts out until tomorrow, apart from those two. Thanks to everybody for your time! :D