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29-10-06, 17:52
IIve gotta do this, and I have about as much clue as a rabbit.

Please help, heres the instructions.



A Pontefract bookshop, Pontefract Books, stocks books by local authors. People with connections with Pontefract order these books individually and some titles have become so popular that some other bookshops also order from them, usually multiple copies. Bills are handwritten or typed at the moment but the owner of the shop wants to use Excel to generate the bills for customers who have ordered these local books.

Following discussions the owner can see a system where on one sheet they will keep a list of the books, identified by ISBN number together with author name, book title, and price. The list will be sequenced in ascending order of ISBN numbers. On another sheet the bill itself will be generated.

On this second sheet the user will enter the ISBN number and Excel will find the number in the list on sheet 1 and then display on sheet 2 the title, author and price.

The user will then use a spinner to indicate the number of copies of that book ordered. If that is over 5 copies a 10% discount is given. If a discount is not to be given then no reference to it should appear on the bill. The net value of the order so far should be displayed.

At present the system will only be required to cope with one book title per bill.

A set of option buttons will allow the user to select which delivery method is to be used – courier (£10), first class postage (£5) or second class postage (£3). This postage will be added to the net value of the books.

A set of check boxes are used to indicate which of the following additional items the customer may require. These are plastic covers (£1 each), bookends (£2 each) and bookmarks (£0.50 for 10). Any item “checked” should be added to the total bill so far.

VAT then needs to be calculated at 17.5%.

The user should then be able to press a button and a letter-headed bill should be printed out. The bill should be as shown overleaf with sample data shown in italics.

Create the spreadsheet required for Pontefract Books

Please send your payment within 14 days of the above date.

30-10-06, 09:30
This is all vert straight forward....

Are you having a problem with one aspect in particular?