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29-10-06, 18:42
I wanted to show this to Kam first but she isn't around so... she asked me to colour one of her drawings and since I was eager for some practice I accepted :D and here's half of it:
http://img123.imageshack.us/img123/3948/kaevanunfinishedgh5.th.jpg (http://img123.imageshack.us/my.php?image=kaevanunfinishedgh5.jpg)

I thought I'd post it as it is since I'll probably won't touch it again for a very long time. It's been almost a month since I started it and now I'm nearing exams so it'll be very hard for me to spend any time on it. The hair is still in experimental phase, black hair is a pain X_X

Hope you like it :D

Mad Tony
29-10-06, 18:46
Awesome work Dollie! (and Kam of course) :D

Btw, whe is that Supergirl drawing gonna be ready? :p

29-10-06, 18:48
Thanks :D

Well by the looks of it... probably never XD I honestly have no idea, I only get time to work on these things during the weekend X_X

Tomb Raider Master
29-10-06, 18:49
Nice work, Carla! :tmb:

29-10-06, 19:04
Thanks TRMaster :D lovely avatar btw :tmb:

29-10-06, 19:33
looks good

29-10-06, 19:42
cool :D

29-10-06, 19:55
experimental phase??? :eek:

I don't know who is Kam's Kaevan, but he scares me a little :D

29-10-06, 19:58
Thanks everyone :D and yes I'm still experimenting with the hair :)

Kaevan is Kamrusepas' character and he's a vampire :cln:

29-10-06, 20:06
The first impression: he reminded me of Prince :D!

It's a very work and I only point the ears,who look a bit undefined.

And perhaps his eye-lashes could be a little longer,but that's just personal taste :).

29-10-06, 20:08
Thanks Pipolinne :D Bits of the hair is still missing :p and those were the two bits that troubled me the most, the eyelashes (I tried making them longer but they looked way too feminine) and the ear X_X my first time ever shading ears and it's still very rough. I wanted to keep it as similar as I could to Kam's drawing.

29-10-06, 20:09
Kaevan is Kamrusepas' character and he's a vampire :cln:

:yik: close the window :p :D

29-10-06, 20:13
It's awesome! I love the hair and eyes! :eek: I cant wait to see how my cat girl looks like.. No hurry Dollie.. your just a wanted artist :D I could even pay you! uh.. wait.. ignore that last part :p

29-10-06, 20:15
It's awesome! I love the hair and eyes! :eek: I cant wait to see how my cat girl looks like.. No hurry Dollie.. your just a wanted artist :D I could even pay you! uh.. wait.. ignore that last part :p

How much? :D thanks hun :hug: I still have to decide wether to do your catgirl with or without lineart but I'm thinking of doing it without :D

29-10-06, 20:18
Im just colouring my cat drawing. Im gonna make it cartoony like my dreamy. Im still a newbie :o just using smudge and burn tool alot :o

29-10-06, 20:18
Lol,Paperdoll,Kaevan isn't exactly our Zezé da Camarinha :D ( aqui só para nós,preferia espetar um pau no coração desse idiota do que no Kaevan :D). Seriously, Kaevan isn't that macho and vampires normally have a more delicate look,so I think longer eyelashes wouldn't detract from his look.

29-10-06, 20:19
I use those two alot as well XD burn, smudge, dodge and blur are my friends :D I'm still somewhat of a noob as well :o

Pipolinne LOL awful just awful :vlol: I'll try to do it, a vampire should have more grace but I'm really, really, really unexperienced when it comes to drawing males so I get a little afraid of ruining him :p still, experimenting is the way to go and practice makes perfection :D since I already have the eyebrow (and boy am I proud of it :D) and the hair laid out, it might look better than it used to with longer eyelashes.

29-10-06, 20:23
Oh;) , thats nice....great work:tmb:

29-10-06, 20:29
Thats awesome! :D :D Dude I love what you did to the hair @_@ I can almost touch it! ^^

29-10-06, 20:34
Looks brilliant,

Love the hair, especially the individual strands by his ears

29-10-06, 21:03
Thanks guys :hug:

30-10-06, 08:56
Great work so far Paperdoll :tmb:
Her hair looks great.

Tomb Raider Master
30-10-06, 10:04
lovely avatar btw :tmb:
Why, thank you. :D

30-10-06, 22:38
Wow Dollie, that's awesome :eek:

I love the hair :tmb: