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30-10-06, 04:23
Hi all,
I am having problems with TR1 and win98. I tried installing it using the advanced installer and using dgvoodoo with VDD disabled (I have a ATI card) and that installed it however, the run shortcut didn't (tomb vlp I believe) just poped up the window saying "which program should this be assiocted with?" I then pointed it to the tomb.exe and it did run. However I didn't get any sound on the movie cut scenes. The main screen came up fine but when I started the acutal game I got sound but no video just a black screen.

Any suggestions?


30-10-06, 09:19
The problem is TR Advanced Installer is designed for Windows XP not for 98.
Delete the shortcut to Tomb Raider created by installer from your desktop. Create shortcut to tomb.exe file on your desktop.

In order to play you have to run 'Disable VDD mode' shortcut first, then tomb.exe shortcut. If the game doesn't start you need to change sound settings by running install.exe.

30-10-06, 16:30
Ahhh I wondered but nothing said it was for XP/2000 only. And yes that worked and upon tweeking the audio settings in the install program I finally have sound! However it now appears that my CD drive has decided to bite the dust as it has problems starting. I get the game to play the first movie with sound just fine, and I get the main menu screen. But then it sounds like a gun trying to find data (tat-tat-tat-tat) and it does the same thing with audio CD's on track 6. So apparently the data it is looking for is on track 6. The strange thing is it was working just fine yesterday. But I know how electronics can die suddenly at times. Oh well looks like I will have to wait a while to play TR (just when I finally appear to get it working!).


30-10-06, 17:26
and it does the same thing with audio CD's on track 6. So apparently the data it is looking for is on track 6.No, the audio track is track 6. The game's data is in the Data folder.
If you have an onboard soundchip rather than a real soundcard, select 1.00 Soundblaster.

Btw: welcome to these forums, Gameman.

31-10-06, 13:44
Yes I know that data CD's are much different than audio. I was only stating "track 6" to give a reference point as to where on the disc the drive has problems (it does this with all CD's not just TR1). It reaches that point and won't go any farther. Oh well as I said time to get a new drive. And thanks for the welcome.


31-10-06, 16:25
Oh wait! Your dvd-player stops reading at that point on every cd.

There is only one solution if you are handy enough to do it. Take the dvd-player out of the PC, unscrew it (at the bottom), open it and grease the rails gently with teflon.