View Full Version : my mate forgot his password...

Lone Raider
30-10-06, 19:36
... to log into his own windows XP home. (He's been in jail for the last three months and was just released, he forgot it while he was in there.) So how can we retrieve it?????

30-10-06, 19:43
Your post is exactly the way anyone would try to retrieve someone else's password. :)

So, that's why passwords were invented. :)

Lone Raider
30-10-06, 19:58
thanks for that very helpful post, Joseph. So, any ideas what to do about it, rather than having to wipe the whole harddrive and reinstall windows?

30-10-06, 20:05
Reinstall Windows without wiping the whole hard drive? While not always recommended, this might reset his password. If you just want access to specific files, use Knoppix. If he didn't encrypt them, you'll be able to get them this way.

The only way other than that is hope that he wrote it down somewhere, I'm afraid. If Windows is any good in this relation (AFAIK, NT-based like XP are), then the password is stored with a one-way encryption, so you have no chance to ever find out the password again. The best you could do is guess a password that produces the same result with the one-way encryption. It's very unlikely that you'll manage to do so (that's why it's called one-way encryption).

Lone Raider
30-10-06, 20:12
So I guess we'll have to try this Knoppix, retrieve his private files, and then go ahead and reformat. Thanks, Cochrane. :)

Lone Raider
31-10-06, 07:36
actually, I found a bunch of helpful answers on a different forum, looks like we won't have to reformat at all. :)

31-10-06, 08:03
Another solution:

Passware (http://www.lostpassword.com/windows-xp-2000-nt.htm)

This was happened to me. I lost all of my personal files. I couldn't do anything for them. After that, I found this program. It's useful. But it was too late for me.:(

31-10-06, 09:10
I don't bother to use passwords to access my computers (Xp Pro) because programs like "Passware" make it pointless to do so.
I do however encrypt my private files and more importantly my private e-mails. Although no system can ever be 100% secure, steps can be taken to make access to files very very difficult indeed.

Lone Raider
01-11-06, 15:10
The problem is solved, thanks to a free program which I'm going to link here, for future reference. http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/

Just to clarify, the problem here was that the actual admin password had got lost. If a user forgets his, the more easy way to retrieve it would be to go in Safe Mode, log in as admin and reset the password from there. That, of course, only if the admin password has not been set!

Thanks for everybody's input.
Now all my mate has to do is to remember his login password for the internet, whilst I sit there laughing at him for being too paranoid to write the pw's down, and too forgetful to remember them. :D