View Full Version : What time do you get home from school in your area?

30-10-06, 20:35
If you go to school whatr time do you get home in your area? If you don't then tell me what time you used to get home when you went there?

30-10-06, 20:42
Hmm i get home at 3:00PM

30-10-06, 20:43
We finish at 3:00pm and I get home for 3:15pm :D

30-10-06, 20:45
3:00 PM

finish 5 minutes before that

30-10-06, 20:45
well...this mounth i organize a bal..for the young students that came to my hightschool and i get home at 8 P.M :( usualy i get home at 4 p.m maximum....

30-10-06, 20:47
My school ends at 3.20pm, and i normally get home around 4-ish if i walk.

30-10-06, 20:49
from 13:15 to 15:45. Around those. It varies alot since im have to select my own subjects. I dont have school at mondays and tuesdays :p

30-10-06, 20:49
School ends at 3:25pm and I usually get home around 3:40 - 3:55pm depending on who I'm waiting on, how fast we're walking and other variable factors :p

30-10-06, 20:51
Around 3 pm every day.
Some schooldays are longer than that, though :o

But yeah...I'm usually home at 3 pm. :)

30-10-06, 20:52
we finish at 3.30 pm and i get at home from about 3.35 -4.20 ... depending on the bus, or if i get a lift home :)

30-10-06, 21:04
I finish between 1 PM and 3.30 PM, I get home between 2 PM and 5 PM.

30-10-06, 21:09
Monday - 14:50
Tuesday - 14:00
Wednesday - 15:30
Thursday - 13:50
Friday - 13:10 :)

30-10-06, 21:39
3PM in NY state. I finish at 2:17

Mad Tony
30-10-06, 21:41
Arond 4:05 PM

30-10-06, 21:44
I finish at 3:30pm and usually get home about 4:00pm by the school bus. :)

Ada the Mental
30-10-06, 23:01
Schools in Greece are about from 8.00 to around 14.00. With 10-5minute breaks in between classes.
Our school is 8.20-14.10.And I really hate those last ten minutes!
so I'm usually home at about 14.40 or something like that...

30-10-06, 23:02
4:30 Pm Est.

30-10-06, 23:33
My school gets out around 2:53, but I don't get home until about 3:30 because I drive home and drop friends off.

30-10-06, 23:36
I'm usually at school until about 4:00pm so I don't get home until about 4:20-4:30pm...so busy >.<

30-10-06, 23:58
5:00pm/5:30pm it suuuuuuuucks :(

31-10-06, 02:31
we end at 3:15pm but I usually get home between: 4:00(If I go directly home) and 5:30(If I have to go to town).

31-10-06, 02:38

31-10-06, 02:39
School ends at 3:25, I get home at 4:15-4:30.

31-10-06, 02:44
Depends on when I quit school. But it's usually around 1:30 pm or 12 am. ^^

31-10-06, 08:51

31-10-06, 08:55

31-10-06, 09:47
I finish school at 3:00, except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which I finish at around 1:50 - 2:20. It takes me 8 - 10 minutes to walk home.

31-10-06, 09:56
If you go to school whatr time do you get home in your area? If you don't then tell me what time you used to get home when you went there?
I'm still on holidays ^^
And last year I wasn't going to school,I were in an istitute,but I had my bac any way:jmp:
the year before last year I used to get out from school at 5pm but got home at 8:D .........I'm bad,I had an aweful school life,don't do like me guys!:D

Lara Lover
31-10-06, 10:40
School end's for me at 3:15PM. I usually have 5mins registration at the end of the day so, work finishes from 3:10PM. ;)

31-10-06, 16:52
My schooldays are different:

Monday i come home on 4:15 AM
Tuesday i come home on 2:15 AM
Wednesday: 3:15 AM
Thursday: 2:15 AM
Friday: 2:15 AM :)