View Full Version : How much of time do you sleep ?

30-10-06, 21:11
Hello Everyone :wve: ,
How much of time do you sleep in general . :D

I sleep around 7-8 Hrs per 24 hrs , what about you ? :)

30-10-06, 21:13
School nights around 5 - 7 hours.
Weekends/Holidays around 13 hours.

Sleeping is great :D

30-10-06, 21:13
As much as I can.

And then some more.

I love sleep....

(I have to get 8 hours a night though, or I turn into the cranky *****-queen from hell)

Lara's Boy
30-10-06, 21:14
On the weekdays, I average five...on the weekends I average nine, lol.

30-10-06, 21:14
About 6-7 hours, but actually, in my age I must sleep at least 12 hours..O.o
At thw weekends - 10 hours (15 once..O.O)

30-10-06, 21:15
6 to 7 hours... that's why I'm always like a zombie X_X

30-10-06, 21:16
School days, about 7 hours, weekends about 9 hours, maybe longer. :D

30-10-06, 21:16
weekdays. Around 4 - 9 hours per night. Weekends. from 8 to 14 :o

30-10-06, 21:17


Laras Backpack
30-10-06, 21:18
7-8 hours. I really enjoy my sleep. :D
Over the summer I was on a dig in Italy and we had to get up at 4am almost every morning. Unfortunately there was a bar across the road from our appartment that played trashy 1980s Euro pop from 9pm till 2am. have you ever had to lie awake and listen to Aha's 'Take on Me' played 3 times every hour?!! I HAVE!! :hea:
:mad: Only taking naps during the day and the thought of smashing that place to bits kept me sane!!

30-10-06, 21:19
Unless it's a holiday then max. 5 hours almost always. Varies by adding an hour or so.
On holidays, from 8-9 hours tops.

30-10-06, 21:21
I can cope with about 7 hours (but not for more than a few nights) usually its around 8 hours sleep for me. Weekends/holidays its around 9-10 hours.

Lara Croft!
30-10-06, 21:33
As much as I can...I am satisfied with 9-12 hours a day!:o http://bestsmileys.com/sleeping/2.gif

30-10-06, 21:34
6 to 7 hours... that's why I'm always like a zombie X_X

But your a great Zombie :tmb:

Usually around 7-8 a night, maybe a bit more on a weekend

30-10-06, 21:35
Too little.. someone always wakes me up! :mad:

Mad Tony
30-10-06, 21:38
About 7 hours for weekdays and about 9 hours for holidays.

30-10-06, 21:39
8-9 hours on school nights
10-13 hours on weekdays... im a lazy sod and love sleep :D

30-10-06, 21:45
Too little.. someone always wakes me up! :mad:
my mums , and i HATE waking up! :mad: :mad:

30-10-06, 21:48
4 to 5 hrs on average. http://bestsmileys.com/sleeping/14.gif
To those who sleep 8 hrs a day, think of this. After 75 years you will have spent 25 years asleep! A third of your life unconcious, what a waste. http://bestsmileys.com/sleeping/16.gif

30-10-06, 21:51
About 6-8 hours on school nights (not that I wouldn't like too sleep more)
10-12 hours on weekends (I love to sleep and lay around in bed till late :cln: )

30-10-06, 22:06
5-6 hours, sometimes less. Yes,i know,it's bad,but I just can't sleep early and I hate waking up late.

Anyway,some members here know how I love to chat untill 4,5 in the morning :D!

30-10-06, 22:12
On weekdays/school nights, I probably only get about 5 hours of sleep. Sometimes less if I'm up late working on a paper or something. On weekends, I get a LOT more, as I don't have to wake up by 5:30 AM. :D So probably somewhere near 8-10 on weekends. I love sleeping.

30-10-06, 22:14
7-8 hours. But I try for something longer :whi:

30-10-06, 22:15
Anyway,some members here know how I love to chat untill 4,5 in the morning :D!

Oh do they? :mis:

30-10-06, 22:17
5 to 7 hours on work days, as much as I can on weekends.

30-10-06, 22:25
I would say around 6-8 hours.

Ada the Mental
30-10-06, 22:27
Anyway,some members here know how I love to chat untill 4,5 in the morning :D!
I love doing that,too...:D
I sleep about 4-6 hours on weekdays and up to 12 on weekends(my personal record is waking up at 15.30:o ).
Plus I usually have trouble falling asleep.I'm an insomniac,really.From the moment I lie in bed I keep going over the things I did during the day or thinking about everything and nothing in general.yesterday i went to sleep at about 4.15 and I was still awake at 5.40.Then I got up at 7.40 and felt a bit like a zombie.Not for very long,though.
Sleeping is a bit of waste of time,IMO.personally I love staying up as late as possible and getting up as late as possible(which is not possible during the week,since I have to get up at 7.00).I prefer sleeping in the morning.

30-10-06, 22:28
5-7 most nights. Weekends I end up sleeping in till quite late, so sometimes it's over 10 hours on the weekend.

30-10-06, 22:30
3 - 10 ...very random, ahw hate the feel when ya haven't had enoough sleep ><

30-10-06, 22:35
Depends, 5-7 hours.

31-10-06, 00:47
3, 4, 5, the weekend 6 or 7 :D

31-10-06, 00:51
4 - 6 on weekdays, 6 - 10 on weekends. If I go to bed at midnight I can rarely sleep til any later than 9am.

31-10-06, 02:05
I usually sleep 6 - 8 hours. But it can be like... 10... 12 hours sometimes.

31-10-06, 02:11
a lot sometimes 8 hours the latest was a full drum roll 19 hours. jet lag. lol i got knocked out!!!

Hybrid Soldier
31-10-06, 02:11
Anywhere from 7-12 hours.

I love to sleep in whenever i get the chance to. However there are times when i'm occupied doing things and don't get to bed late but have to get up early. :D

31-10-06, 02:11
school days, about 7 hours. weekends like 12!

31-10-06, 08:47

31-10-06, 09:58
7 - 8 hours on school days. Around 10 - 12 hours on weekends.

31-10-06, 10:18
7-9 houres with 15m-30m after lunch,but not everyday
but let me tell you a story,Once a friend of mine slept on tuesday and woke up on THURSDAY!!!! :D he passed with his cousin more than 30houres sleeping ha!:tea: their ancle got shoked when he saw 'em getting out of the room like zombies :D he said : where were you ? I thought you're home cos your parents got home yesterday.And my friend answered: why? what day are we today ? :vlol:
He passed the whole day thinking about the fact they've slept more than 30 houres
the only thing that looked normal in him is when he said : when I woke up,I felt strangely so hungry! :vlol:

31-10-06, 10:36
^ 30hrs :eek: that would do my head in.

I average around 6hrs, sometimes I do have a cat nap in the afternoon on weekends.

31-10-06, 17:12
7 Hours for School and Weekends 10-11 Hours

02-11-06, 08:35
Not enough :ton:

02-11-06, 09:19
Around 8 Hours. :)

02-11-06, 09:20
I always try to get 10 hours sleep everyday....I love sleeping :D

02-11-06, 09:21
6 hrs max. Where I live there's lots of noise 24/7

02-11-06, 10:53
This weekend... not very much, i got a grand total of 6 hours sleep between thursday morning and sunday night!

ususaly about 7 hours a night though

This weekend am probably going to get even less sleep * yawn*

Legend 4ever
02-11-06, 11:16
Every day I go to sleep at midnight and on weekdays I wake up at 6:30, on Weekend I wake up at 8:00! So, 6-8 hours!:)

Tomb Raider Master
02-11-06, 12:45
5-11 hours. :)

02-11-06, 16:06
5-7 hours a night XD

02-11-06, 16:21
7h or more, I'm a heavy sleeper :D

02-11-06, 16:29
At least 9-10 hours each day... :whi:

02-11-06, 16:31
Half a yonk a day.


02-11-06, 16:31
about 5...

02-11-06, 16:33
At least 9-10 hours each day... :whi:

Why the Whistle??

I slept 10 hours last night, feeling ill, had the day off and slpt form half one till 4 :eek: