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tlr online
31-10-06, 17:58
I am shutting down all non-essential services (including PM and Who's Online) for a short period to troubleshoot some problems. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please do not open new threads asking why you can't access PM, or where the Who's Online list has gone. I will mobilise all services ASAP, and I'm working on the problem right now. :wve:

tlr online
31-10-06, 18:20

PM and Who's Online

Non-essential services will remain offline until 22:00 GMT this evening. Once again, I'm sorry for any inconvenience this will cause. I am performing unplanned maintenance on the server, and need to levy the load during peak time in order to successfully perform this.

Search Feature and Calendar

The Search function and calendar will remain offline until I move the forum onto it's own dedicated server. Atm, both Tomb Raider Chronicles and Tomb Raider Forums are running off one dedicated server. I'm in the process of buying a second dedicated server. This is not a cheap process, so please be patient. I appreciate your support, as always, and I will endeavour to keep you all updated.

I would imagine this will take approx. 2 weeks to complete. This only applies to Search Feature and Calendar. See above for PM and Who's Online services.