View Full Version : Anyone here know Games Workshop?

31-10-06, 20:22

Warhammer? Warhammer 40,000? Mordhiem? Inquisitor?

I only really convert and paint; mostly Wood Elves and Bretonnians (though I've done loads of weird stuff for friends :p).

The few games I've actually managed to play have either ended in a draw or with me counting very carefully to ten under my breath in case I strangle the person who's just hammered me :rolleyes:

Games Workshop's HQ is actually about 30 minutes drive away from me :D

31-10-06, 21:28
I've never played Warhammer or anything like that, but I've been in Game Workshop once looking for Pokémon cards (they didn't sell any). When I was in there it was like the people were talking in another language! It looks like the painting takes a lot of work, and I think I remember a board which was used to play one of the games on, which was put together and painted and stuff.
How do you play the games?

31-10-06, 21:31
I've had a peek through the window and it looks like paradise. I don't play tabletop RPGs, but I have an obsession with little figurines. :cln:

31-10-06, 21:51
My husband used to play when he was younger, and many years ago I knew the deputy manager of our local GW quite well (he was a drinking buddy of mine) so I used to hang out there occasionally... but I was always more into tabletop RPing and D&D myself, though ;)