View Full Version : Serif DrawPlus 4 transparent GIF bug

Jacob x5
31-10-06, 21:59
I'm having trouble using GIFs with transparency in Serif DrawPlus 4, whereby if you insert a GIF image with transparency it's fine at first, but when you come back to your work after closing and re-opening the program, the image stays the right way up whilst the transparent template is flipped horizontally. Does anyone know if there are any patches to solve this problem or any ways around it? Or will I have to get a newer version of the program? It's quite probably that Serif don't support this version anymore since the newest version is actually Serif DrawPlus 8, but if anyone has experienced and/or solved this problem before, any help would be greatly appreciated. :wve:

Note: I have tried other formats such as PNG, but Serif doens't register the transparency for some reason.

It may also be important to note that I made the GIF in Adobe Photoshop CS2 by cutting around the image and pasting it on a transparent canvas. I also tried another method of having the image on a white background and setting 'white' as the transparent colour, but this resulted in the same problem in Serif DrawPlus 4.

Thanks in advance, as I say your advice is very much appreciated. :wve:

Jacob x5
01-11-06, 16:36
Ok, I've downloaded Serif DrawPlus 5 now and it doesn't have this problem. However, it is forcing me to register for some rubbish offer, and I don't want to. :p I can't use it yet though. :(

Edit: Problem solved.