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31-10-06, 22:23
Are all of the bonus levels on the second disk or are some of them on the first disk with the original game? I installed both disks on my computer and assumed that all four bonus levels would be on the 2nd disk, but it was awfully short, only about an hour of play. Then it told me to insert another disk.

This is the first time I've played any game on the computer and I'm not sure if there's something else I should be doing. Help????:confused:

The Great Chi
31-10-06, 22:44
Initally the Golden Mask was a seperate game, but later on came with Tombraider two as a two disk pack.

The second disk 'The golden mask' should be around 61.5MB in total, just right click on the drive icon that holds the disk and click properties, it will tell you how many Mega Bytes it has.

The game has 5 main levels, but you only get the last level if you get all the secrets (If I remember)

01-11-06, 08:44
Aren't they each supposed to be really long levels? I've never played Tr2 Gold, I'd like to.

01-11-06, 14:53
Aren't they each supposed to be really long levels? I've never played Tr2 Gold, I'd like to.

Well the first three level together took me around 45 minutes to complete each, so to me anyway, they are quite long levels.

Still have yet to complete the last 2 levels. :)

01-11-06, 15:36
Thanks, guys.....that helps. I'll try the drive thing tonight once I get home to play it again...it just so happens that TR II is my second favorite TR game, so it won't be hard for me to play it again to get all the secrets...Thanks again!:jmp:

01-11-06, 16:41
Originalfanatic, perhaps I misunderstand you, but I want to be sure you know that you don't have to replay TR2 to play TR2 Gold, and to play the the bonus level in TR2 Gold, "Nightmare in Vegas", you only need to find all the secrets in TR2 Gold (total of 12, I believe) .

I'm just guessing here. It sounds like you played the first level of TR2 Gold ,"The Cold War", with no disk in the drive, then you were told to insert the TR2 Gold disk or disk #2 (the exact words could be different, I'm conjecturing). Perhaps you could hit return and the game would find your installed (how?) disk anyway. Since the game was written to require the disk be in the drive, perhaps you could insert the disk, hit return, then remove it and have the game play from your installed disk.

01-11-06, 18:08
This is exactly what I've done:

I inserted disk 2 and installed it, left it in and clicked "play". Then, I played the Cold War level until I got to the end ( I believe ) and it won't go any further. It tells me to insert a disk. Should I insert the first disk??? I know this may sound like a stupid question, but I'm at a loss.

tlr online
01-11-06, 18:14
Hi there. Welcome to our forum :wve:

I'll move this to Tech Support for quick advice.

01-11-06, 18:19
Hello originalfanatic.I inserted disk 2 and installed it, left it in and clicked "play". Do not use the autorun menu to play the game.

Apply Compatibility mode:
Start > Start > All Programs > Core Design > TR2 Gold > Setup. Right-click on it, > Properties > Compatibility tab, select Windows 98/ME compatibility mode.
Launch the game from Start > All Programs > Core Design > TR2 Gold "Play" shortcut.

01-11-06, 18:23
Ok. Thanks.

01-11-06, 18:32
Sorry, in the second part of post #6, I was off into the tulips. I thought originalfanatic had some way of copying all the disk info to the hard drive, like TR AOD. Never mind.

02-11-06, 00:41
Ok, I tried to do what Joseph said to do, but I'm still having difficulty. This is the error message that keeps popping up:

Fatal: Level 2(D:\data\level2.TR2) requires a new Tomb2.EXE (version 1396281) to run.

I would appreciate anyone's help.

Thanks again!

Also, Joseph...forgive me, but I have Windows XP not ME...does that help?

02-11-06, 00:54
Joseph...forgive me AGAIN! I must have done something wrong because I finally got it to work after trying your advice again... You're a genious and I really appreciate your help...everyone's help.

I've been playing TR on PSX since '96, but I'm still quite the novice on the PC.

Thanks bunches:jmp:

02-11-06, 11:37
Thanks for letting me know. :tmb: Enjoy the game! :)