View Full Version : How can I check my email in safe mode?

01-11-06, 01:20
I had to do some tech stuff in safe mode the other day, and the login screen said I had 12 unread email messages, but when in normal mode I have no emails.
Outlook express isn't working too good lately, some of my emails have not arrived. The thing is I can't open OE in safe mode as it won't hook me up to the net. Any idea's what I can do to read my lost emails?

Thanks :)

Jade Rae
01-11-06, 01:58
Can you hook up to the net and go to the main storage where your e-mails are recieved? Like Yahoo! or Gmail or whatever you use?
If you can you should be able to access any e-mails you're missing from there.

01-11-06, 02:12
In safe mode? When I open Outlook Express in safe mode it won't connect.

Jade Rae
01-11-06, 14:15
No, don't go in safe mode. You can connect to the internet right now, so do you know where your e-mails are downloaded to outlook express from?

When you set it up, where did you tell OE to download your e-mails from? Like maybe it's your internet service provider (ISP) which could be centurytel or corecomm.
You should be able to check your e-mail online from there.:)

01-11-06, 15:09
and the login screen said I had 12 unread email messagesHave you looked in the Junk-box and your Concepts-box?

What Outlook Express says, does not refer to your ISP's maibox, but only to what's received and stored on your PC.