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01-11-06, 10:55
I ordered a couple of items off selectcheaper.com about a month ago now and they were both sent except that one of them was the wrong item.
I sent them an email on what i should do and nothing. I have since sent them another email and sitll nothing.
I've sent the item back in accordance with there returns policy but what happens if they dont send me the right item or one at all? Do i have any way of claiming the money back?


Paul H
01-11-06, 11:10
Their postal address is in Jersey so if you don't hear from them, contact Jersey Trading Standards (http://www.gov.je/economicdevelopment/tradingstandards)

And they have another address for returns in Guernsey so you could also contact Guernsey Trading Standards (http://www.gov.gg/ccm/navigation/commerce---employment/industry-commerce---trading-standards/)

But they will probably refund your money or send you the correct item, so it's best to wait awhile first.