View Full Version : DVDs are not playable any more on my PC!

01-11-06, 12:21
I can't play DVDs (I mean "DVD video" movies) on my pc any more neither on Windows Media Player, nor on PowerDVD.
I wonder why... :confused:

Could it be the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack I installed a week ago? It did a mess with Quicktime and Real Player but now they work again. Anyway I didn't check the DVD palyers right after installing that codec pack... (I forgot them! :hea: )

Any help woud be appreciated :(

01-11-06, 15:16
There is nothing wrong with that codec pack.
I guess you blindly installed the full package without reading. It includes players. If you do not want those plyers to take over the tasks from your current players, don't install them (tick them off at start of installing process).

Go Start > All Programs > K-Lite Codec pack and uninstall it.
Defragment, reboot, and then re-install from the package only what you select. :)