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01-11-06, 12:35
Dozens of 5 years old kids were asked this question:

Towards which directions the school-bus is going?

Look carefully this image.
http://img242.imageshack.us/img242/563/imagesn2.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

the only possible answers is right or left, right?
think before you answer.......

Don't cheat.

All the kids said left. Why?

Because you can't see the door (which is on the other side at the front)

Do you feel as stupid as I do?

01-11-06, 12:38
Or right, for the same reason, if it was in the Uk ;)

01-11-06, 12:50
Ahh, very clever :D

01-11-06, 13:50
For some reason, that picture looks like some kind of caravan lol.

01-11-06, 14:03
OMG! My health teacher showed us this and I've been looking for that picture of the bus for AGES, becuase I wanted to post it! :D I felt extremely stupid when my teacher revealed the answer to us.. NONE of us got it, and we're seniors in high school! The reason most older people don't get it correct is because we over analyze everything (i.e. the door should've been on the right side..)

da tomb raider!
01-11-06, 18:07
Erm, to be honest, it doesn't look like it's moving at all...

01-11-06, 18:21
Very clever, kind of stupid though..:confused:

Ada the Mental
01-11-06, 18:26
Yep!I feel way too dumb.That was the final blow for my poor,worthless brain...:tea: :cln:

01-11-06, 18:48
I suddenly feel like my IQ just dropped 10 points.

01-11-06, 19:51
*Bangs head on desk:hea: * :vlol:

01-11-06, 21:20
I suddenly feel like my IQ just dropped 10 points.

LOL! Mine too :D

Nice one Angelika!

01-11-06, 21:25
You're telling me kids got this right? I feel so small :(

Lara Croft!
01-11-06, 21:38
I don't feel dump cause of that!There are more serious reasons to doubt my IQ!!!!:D

Tomb Raider Master
01-11-06, 23:23
Clever. :D