View Full Version : TRF: Cutest Pet Competiton - VOTING!

01-11-06, 16:36
Who is your cutest TRF pet?

Is it Lavinder's dog - Or Greenkey's Cat

Could a mod please add poll.

Go on, vote!

01-11-06, 16:45
Hang on, there!!! We were still going to vote for the cutest kitten! We separated them from the cats, because people were more likely to vote for a kitten than for a cat. And people have already posted pictures of their kittens, so I don't think it would be fair to leave them out.

I already know which one I am going to vote for :jmp: .

01-11-06, 17:18
Who said we agreed on having a mixed voting?

01-11-06, 17:19
And I think this is just a little bit too far. Let's not get ridiculous with the pet voting now.