View Full Version : Anyone been watching Heroes?

Soma Holiday
01-11-06, 21:31
Great show btw...just curious if anyone has been watching it, and who your favortie character is so far...

I really like Peter, he reminds me of a friend I have...and he's cute hehehe.:)

01-11-06, 21:37
It's not airing here, at least not yet, but it does sound interesting. So I'll probably start watching if it starts airing :)

01-11-06, 21:37
I remember seeing an advert for it. Do you know if it's on TV in the uk?

Night Crawler
01-11-06, 21:44
I watched the pilot but haven't got around to watching any of the other episodes yet.

I thought Hiro was ace! :D

02-11-06, 06:26
So far it is a fantastic TV-show.

02-11-06, 06:31
The girl that keep healing herself is by far the best for me. She keeps falling from high places and broke some bones but she heals herself.:yik: and don't forget the time the coroner open her up(slice open, yes, slice open her chest and revealing her inner organ and bone ribs:yik: and then she heals herself again!:yik:(and I thought I've seen everything)

The Japanese guy (Hiro) is also hillarious with super power of able to change time space/continuum. He's from Japan, teleported to NY :vlol:

I'm glad they didn't take the mutant gene story of x-men to produce this series like mutant x.

03-11-06, 01:10
I wanted to check it out, but for some reason I haven't caught an episode of it yet.

03-11-06, 01:47
I saw the first episode and loved it. but after that, i've missed every single one because its aired on a night I work.

=P Hope you're enjoying it. XD

Lara's Boy
03-11-06, 13:01
I've missed the last two, but I really do like this series; it quite amazing! I can't wait to see how the story will unfold :D

03-11-06, 13:47
Hmm, never heard about it, but it surely sounds good.:D