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Old Mick
02-11-06, 09:56
What have i got?? ,,i was given a box whitch contains two discs tomb raider & tomb raider 2. When i started Tomb raider it comes up with editor level, i dont know what this ment so just carried on. I completed the 1st level ( it contains 16 levels so it says on the box).then i went to check if i missed anything i looked to find a walkthrough but was unable to find any walkthrough which corresponded with what i had played. Then i moved to the next level , It was the level ( The Tomb of Seth from the Last Revelation). So i knew what to do so i completed that level easily. the next level is the coastal ruins which is also from The Last Revelation but a lot further advanced in the game ,,Any ideas ??

02-11-06, 09:57
You played on Level editor? Cause happened to me too.

Old Mick
02-11-06, 10:18
i just wonder where i am going to be next :-)
Old Mick

02-11-06, 12:19
You said you got TR1 and TR2. If you put the TR1 CD and the Level Editor came up, it probably means that it's the LE CD but they put the wrong title on it. Have you checked the CD of TR2?

btw\ what does the box say outside?

02-11-06, 12:49
you play on the trle and not the orignal tr disc:p These are the level on trle:

Playable Tutorial Level
The Tomb Of Seth
Temple Of Karnak
Coastal Ruins
Cleopatra's Palaces
City Of The Dead