View Full Version : The Croft Legacy (What is the Lara Croft Brand?)

Jin Uzuki
02-11-06, 13:24
Here is a link to an article (based on this thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=69245)) I made about the so-called Lara Croft brand.

The Croft Legacy (http://coeurmalade.multiply.com/journal/item/12)

Please feel free to comment. :)

Also, if you spot any erroneous information, please do inform me. :wve: Much thanks.

Jin Uzuki
03-11-06, 10:25
I have fixed the lay-outing of the photos a bit. Please inform me if it appears well layed-out in your browser (meaning with evenly spaced paragraphs and such). It will be much appreciated. :)

Legend 4ever
03-11-06, 10:47
Wow! Great text! I was absolutely astonished! And let now someone say that Tomb Raider series are going in the wrong way. The PLANET loves Lara and if 10 years are not enough to confirm her reign I don't know what it is!

Jin Uzuki
03-11-06, 10:56
Thank you!

Actually, I would prefer that the planet loves the 'Tomb Raider Brand' and not the 'Lara Croft Brand.' On a side note, Legend 4ever, does the text appear well layed-out in your browser? :)