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Zelda master
02-11-06, 19:36
Hi im working on a move of Tomb raider but i need want to have the original FMV's from tr 1-5 but i dont know how to open them and how to convert them into a file that Windows Movie maker can open... but i serieusly dont want the onces from TRchronicles.com since those have that anyoning Logo

anyone any ideas?

02-11-06, 19:51
About opening: Use the Escape player from: http://www.tombraiderhub.com/faq/tr1.html Optional Software section ;)

About converting: I doubt there is any prog to, but I'll try to find out if any...

Chug a Bug
07-11-06, 23:35
Just posting this in case anyone else is interested.

I've just made some really good quality videos from the TR games. I could only do it with the PSX versions of the games, but used copies are cheap enough.

Once you've got your PSX disc in the CD Rom drive on your PC download a free utility called PSMplay. It lets you view PSX FMV movies on your PC and more importantly it will output them as .AVI files on your PC.

These can then be loaded into Windows Movie Maker or they can be compressed with VirtualDub using the free XvID or not so free DiVX codec or my choice: use the free version of TMPGenc to encode 'em to MPEG(1) video, the most universally compatible of all video formats. :tmb: