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02-11-06, 22:04
http://img524.imageshack.us/img524/1839/ferretwl4.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Anyone here own a ferret? I'm thinking about getting one. I've done some online research and they seem like fun pets that will be OK with being kept in an apartment, but I'd like to hear about your experiences :)

02-11-06, 22:07
I used to.... They are soooo unpredictable however, you think one moment there being all nice and affectionate, then the next minute they NAB your finger.
But other than that, they are great pets.... You should definatley get one...or two....OR 10. :cln:

Night Crawler
02-11-06, 22:07
Horrid, little, ugly creatures. I got bitten by one when I was a kid, it clung onto my finger with it's teeth and wouldn't let go. *Shudders*

02-11-06, 22:08
I haven´t got one, but they seem like very lively and fun pets. :D
And cute. :)

02-11-06, 22:09
Yes, they're unpredictable, cute, and like to chew on wires and telephone cords. :D

02-11-06, 22:12
I've never had one, but I'd love to! They're so cute and intelligent. I'm a big fan of anything faintly weaselly. :D

02-11-06, 22:15
I don't have.. but I would love to have one.

They just... basically, ROCK! :jmp:

02-11-06, 22:32
they're cute.... my roomate had 2 in my apartment last year, they smelled SOOO bad! everyone who walked in first said "Eww, it smells like grandparents, cherries and vomit!" :) and i had to live with it :D

other then the smell, totally get one, they're adorable!

02-11-06, 23:05
Thanks all for replying :)

Chewing cables, hmmm. This is one of the biggest problems actually, as I have a LOT of cables in my room. Thankfully the chewable ones are low-voltage, but I'll probably have to raise the phone line to the ceiling and spray others with some anti-pet spray so they don't taste good. I just hope the spray doesn't stink too much, as I have a problem with chemical smells.

I was around a ferret before, in a pet shop, and it did have a rather strong musky-sweet scent. I didn't particularly mind it (the friend who was with me wouldn't go near the thing, though :D), and I think more of it was the cage than the actual ferret. I know you shouldn't bathe ferrets often, but keeping the cage clean should help :)

02-11-06, 23:06
So cute! :D

02-11-06, 23:10
I have 2!

I'll post a video of them if you'd like to see what they're like?

They're really cute little things - they like me, and sort of nip at everyone else. Well, one does - the other one couldn't harm a fly. He's such a softie bless 'im. :D

02-11-06, 23:17
:eek: To me they seem to me absolutely wild

02-11-06, 23:25
I'll post a video of them if you'd like to see what they're like?

Awww, sure I'd like to see a video :)

02-11-06, 23:26
Okidokes :tmb: I'll post one on youtube now.
Edit - It won't be too long, the video converting software is playing up....

02-11-06, 23:58
Ok, it's nearly ready! :D Finally!

03-11-06, 00:13
Can't wait to see them :jmp:

03-11-06, 00:18
Finally, Here you go! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKvrgSjRj4Q) < Yeah.. just ignore the commentary - it was made last week for a sort of home video that we sent to indonesia where my sis, niece, bro in law are visiting family for a month or two!

Ada the Mental
03-11-06, 00:26
Wow!These little things are so cute!:D :jmp:

03-11-06, 00:27
Anyone else think Pirates music goes really well with Ferrets? :D

Ada the Mental
03-11-06, 00:28
Pirates music goes well anywere!

03-11-06, 00:29
Aww they're so sweet! :D
The music goes great - its from my fave film :jmp:

03-11-06, 00:29
Aww, they're so adorable! So cute how they come when you call them, only to run off a moment later after something else. Hyperactive little things :D And they will stand on your shoulder, that's cool. Don't think I caught their names, what are they called?

03-11-06, 00:31
They have silly names really - they're bro and sis, he's called Matey, she's called Darlin' - though she doesn't act like one to anyone but me ;)

03-11-06, 02:11
I love ferrets! I don't have one though. :(

03-11-06, 02:14
I wanted one for the longest time! There so slim, slender and fast :jmp: Sneaky little critters :D

SpongeBob Lover
03-11-06, 02:32
i have hold one before and it bit me :D but i still like it :) they are such a handfull and very unpredicable like everyone has said. hopefully everything goes well if you get one :D

03-11-06, 06:58
They're awesome. I would get 2 so that they have each other to play with while you're at school/work. I had 2 and I loved having them. They were always playful. Just watch your shoes! They like to chew on things

03-11-06, 07:53
I personally wouldn't have one as their Vermin.