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03-11-06, 12:13
Hi :wve:

We are having a few problems with setting up a wireless network at home, and I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas what the solution might be.
Basically, we have identified that the problem lies with the router (or at least the communication between PC/modem and router) as whenever the modem is connected directly to the PC, the Internet can be accessed fine through that single PC.

However, when we try to set up the router, the other computers in the house will recognise the presence of the network but cannot access the Internet over it. It doesn't have anything to do with WEP encryption, as we even briefly tried to set the network up without any WEP key at all, and the situation was the same. So I was hoping that somebody might have a few ideas as to what we are doing wrong. If you need any more info on our set-up (connection type, router model etc.), I'll do my best to find it out :D

Thanks :)

tlr online
03-11-06, 12:15
Have you enabled Internet Sharing on the computers? Also, your computer must have LAN cards connected to the router, if it's a LAN router, rather than a USB or modem HUB.

Finally. NAT or NONAT? You might need to adjust the LAN IP settings if it's NONAT.

03-11-06, 12:56
Hi tlr :wve:

When we initially tried to set the network up, it was through the software supplied with the Belkin router, but I'm not sure if it automatically configured Internet Sharing on the 'server' PC or not. However, things unfortunately seem to have taken a step back, as even the main PC (with the modem and router attached) will now not connect to the Internet if the router is also connected. Could this mean the router is faulty? Also, how do I check for the NAT/ NONAT status?

Sorry for so many questions, but I'm a bit out of my depth when it comes to setting up networks.