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Use any prog that shows you items in autostart sections of registry and main menu. Find QuickTime there and deselect or delete from list ;)
For program search http://www.altavista.com for RegRun, Autorun or else.

04-11-06, 15:50
On my com puter quik time is not instaled, when I visited one website, I was ofered to install active X control quik time, I selected install and now everytime when I turn on my computer I see that stupid icon on my taskbar near clock, but qiuk time on my comter is not instaled, that icon gives me 2 option exit or visit qiuk time website, if I chose exit icon disapears, but when I other time turn on my computer icon is there again, what should I do, I don't want to see that ugly icon? :mad: :mad: :mad:Click Start > Run... type in
On the Start Up tab, untick the item called:
Click OK, click to reboot the PC.
Quicktime will not start up with Windows anymore.

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You're welcome. :)