View Full Version : AOD: Problem with security cameras and the like (PC)

05-11-06, 17:22
I'm having a problem with Angel of Darkness on PC that is preventing me from moving further. When using things like security cameras, or the big drill thing in the Louvre's archaeological dig, I can't exit the camera view at all. Sometimes I can ESC to the menu, but more often than not I'm stuck using the camera, and I can't find any button that'll let me leave it. Does anybody know how to sort this out?

Thanks in advance. :)

05-11-06, 17:30
You must press "Duck" button(Num1). :)

05-11-06, 17:40
Thanks, I'll try that. Although I've configured duck to be '.' instead of Num1. Is the button still Num1 or is it the new duck button?

05-11-06, 17:53
It must be now "." :)

05-11-06, 21:52
Originally, Duck is the Num 1 button. Untill you configured it to be the "." button. :D

06-11-06, 19:46
Thanks, you two, the duck button worked. :tmb:

I feel kind of embarrased...I figured it was a technical problem because randomly bashing the keyboard didn't work. :o