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07-11-06, 06:40
...what would you change? As much as I love the classic TR games (to varying degrees anyway) there´s still been some aspects of each of them I disliked, so if I got the chance I´d change/remove/add these things:

TR1: I never liked the skateboarding kid, I found him ridiculous and didn´t feel he belonged with the rest of the game, so I´d get rid of him or replace him with a thug. I guess I would also give Lara her braid in-game.

TR2: Decrease the number of Venice/oilplatform levels, I don´t mind the occasional non-tomb level, but in TR2 I think you spent too much time in Venice and the oilplatform before you got back to tomb raiding, so I´d maybe make just one, mostly two, Venice-based levels and just one oilplatform level. And since I don´t really see why Lara´d wear her standard outfit in Venice, I´d give her a different outfit there, something more like regular clothes I guess, then she´d be wearing pants in Himalaya as well, but she could keep a change of clothes with her, so that she´d be back in her trademark outfit once she got back to China.

TR3: I´d leave out Area 51, I just don´t feel that place, or aliens in general, fit into the TRverse, don´t know what sort of level I`d put in instead though. I´d also get rid of the British Museum level, I just don´t like the idea of Lara breaking into a place that doesn´t belong to a villain and kill innocent guards just doing their job, instead I´d probably have her break into Sophia Leighs laboratory and retrieve what the faceless people needed. Of course, since Laras plan from the beginning seems to be to steal the artefact from Sophia Leigh without knowing she´s a villain in advance makes what I said about Lara breaking into the museum a bit pointless. I also don´t picture Lara to be a coldblooded killer, so I wouldn´t have her kill the pilot in the ending FMV, not unless he tried to kill her first.

TR4: I felt Lara at this point was becoming a little too much the stereotypical actionhero who could only speak in one-liners, so I´d vary her dialogue a little more. And I´d get rid of von Croys constant "ja" and "how you say", he sounds too much like a nazi clichè.

TR5: At this point I felt Lara had completely become the stereotypical actionheroine who could only speak in one-liners, so I´d again change her dialogue. And since I can´t stand Zips stereotypical banter and voice I´d change his dialogue as well (and perhaps his outfit and hairstyle, he looks like he´s come straight out of the 80es). I´d also change the villain of the VCI levels, I just don´t feel von Croy is suitable as the head of a major corporation, so I´d make the villain somebody who hired Lara to find an artefact and then doublecrossed her (much like Natla did in TR1), and now Lara´s breaking into the building to take the artefact back. And in relation to what I said about Lara killing the pilot in TR3, I wouldn´t have Lara let Pierre fall either (instead she´d knock him out or something after he´d saved her).

AOD: Since this game was a departure from the previous games I don´t really want to spend any time on it, but I´d get rid of the hinted attraction between Lara and Kurtis, one of the things I love most about classic Lara is that she got by without the obligatory ex-lover/love interest, and AOD in that sense ruined it a bit.

And speaking for the series in general, I´d give Lara some close-combat moves, I´ve just always found it strange and out of character that once her guns had been taken away she became completely defenseless. The ability to sneak up on a lone enemy and knock him out/choke him into unconsciousness would also be nice, without turning the game into a stealth game. And I´d give Lara facial animations for the first three games, the way her and the other characters simply bobbed their heads as they talked always bothered me, and I guess I´d give her animated eyebrows as well, so that she could express surprise/anger/sadness as well as talk. Of course, if these games had Legend-level graphics you could accomplish a lot more in terms of her facial animation than this, but I´m not so much thinking in terms of remakes as in "what if I made the games".

So, anything you would change?

07-11-06, 10:17
I'm sure some of this will be returning to previously discussed themes but at any rate.....

I've only fully finsihed TR2 and TR3, so


They should have reduced the number of underwater levels by one I think. I really enjoyed them. but they began to draaaaag on, and by the time of The Deck. it started to seem more of a chore than anything. Also the logic behind the level design of the Maria Doria levels was seriously suspect in places. Why are some parts of the ship upside down and others aren't, and more importantly if it's meant to be underwater why is there a beach in the Deck level?!
*In the Tibetan levels I also didn't like the "Ahhh hooooog ahhh!" sound when killing the guys in balaclavas. It ws amusing the first time, but somewhat too reminiscent of some corny 1930s action film.
*The ability to shoot underwater enemies from dry land was also a big flaw, rendering the harpoon gun pretty much a novelty. I still used it though occasionally.
*I felt sorry for her having to wear skimpy shorts in freezing Tibet.
* Lara doesn't realy need to say "aha" after picking everything she finds up!


* I didn't like the inclusion of the UFO or aliens in the Area 51 level. I found it all a bit silly.

I also didn't like the way I had to pay for any of the games.

07-11-06, 10:33
I also didn't like the way I had to pay for any of the games.Real bugger that, huh?

07-11-06, 10:37
It detracted seriously from the immersion factor. :D

07-11-06, 12:22
Interesting topic. :tmb:

Here are my thoughts:

Tomb Raider I - Tough one! I guessed updated graphics wouldn't go amiss, though I'd prefer it if they simply updated the textures and scenery, if you catch my drift. I'd also change the ending FMV, it was pretty short. Perhaps have more stuff about the downfall of Atlantis, or an ambigious shot of Natla showing some signs of life, paving the way for a comeback. :D
Also, perhaps a bigger arsenal of weapons.

Tomb Raider II - I agree with everyone else, the underwater levels tended to drag. Although they're fun (and the Maria Doria is beautiful), it was a relief to finally see some sky again! And on that note, yes, Lara should whack on some trousers in Tibet.

Tomb Raider III - I...kinda haven't completed this all the way through. :D But London didn't feel very London-y to me, except for the splash screen. So I think they should change that. Even just adding that whole far-away traffic thing like they had in Legend's Tokyo would be good.

Tomb Raider IV - I found Karnack to be a bit of a drag, especially as it all looked the same to me. I think a little variety in textures or something could help. Also, yeah, the new sarcastic Lara got on my nerves.

Tomb Raider Chronicles - TOO SHORT. And I know a lot of people will disagree with me here, but I really didn't like the Ireland levels. I'd like to see them replaced with something else.

Angel of Darkness - The controls, obviously. And I think they spent too much time focusing on Lara and how she got to the tomb in the first place. Oh, and Kurtis Trent should have fallen into a spike-pit on the first level, and saved us a whole lot of heartache.

Legend - Should have been harder, longer and more Tomb Raider-y.

And elaborating on what Celephais said, I didn't like the way that I wasn't paid a vast sum of money to play the series. ;)

07-11-06, 18:50
TR1 - I'd like to have better graphics. Sky boxes would be nice - we had sky boxes in 1993's (or 92's) "DOOM". Why don't we have sky in 1996's "TR"? I'd like to see the braid in the game (like in FMVs), or a bun in the FMVs (like in the game). I'd make the enemies harder.

TR2 - I haven't completed it. Shame on me!!! My friend gave me a buggy version a long time ago. I hope to get the normal one this saturday.

TR3 - Lara shouldn't have been so mean - killing MP and museum guards is cruel. And like most - I didn't adore her killing that pilot. And yes, the whole Area 51 bit is corny. I would update the graphics more. I would throw away the grid system. I'd make the enemies harder.

TR4 - Lara shouldn't have been so sarcastic - she wasn't like it in previous games. I would update the graphics more. I would throw away the grid system. I'd make the enemies harder.

TR5 - I wouldn't make Lara let Pierre fall in the pit - it's cruel and villian-like - doesn't suit a lady. I would update the graphics more. I would throw away the grid system. I'd make the enemies harder.

TR6 - First of all, I wouldn't make Kurtis a playable character. I wouldn't make the RPG system. I would like the controls to be easyer. I wouldn't get rid of the akimbo-style combat. I would make Lara a whole lot nicer. I wouldn't make Lara break enemies necks from behind - that's for 47, Sam Fisher, etc. I wouldn't add any choise-making in dialogues - it's pointless. I would add more textures on the character's hands - nails, for example. I wouldn't make Lara grunt like that all the time. I'd make the enemies harder.

TR7 - I'd make the game longer and a bit harder.

14-11-06, 08:20
Thought of something more:

TR4: Id change Young Laras hairstyle, its too Britneyesque, either Id give her a Legend-style ponytail (or the braid, could be interesting to have her use the braid both as a young one and as an adult, in a this-is-where-it-all-began kind of way) or have her wear her hair loose.

TR5: Again with the haircut, and Id also change her clothes. The TR4 outfit was an expedition outfit, why would she keep/wear that to go island exploring in Ireland? Id give her regular clothes or the likes for that level (and change the haircut to one of the previously mentioned options).

14-11-06, 08:36
All the series: close combat moves :tmb: like in IGI/IGI2

AOD: NO SPAM at first, then make Lara be more Lara, not a bunny (remember how she's going upstairs :vlol:)

Legend: It's hardly a TR game... so what can I say...

14-11-06, 09:29
You have some interesting points there, Cardinal, but I like Tomb Raider just as the way it is and not much needs to be changed, in my opinion. I agree with some of your points there.