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07-11-06, 13:23
ive set-up tr2 on my pc. i have xp so i got the xp patch and the game works fine (sold out version).

my only problem is i want to play with my gamepad. ive installed all the drivers for it, but on tr2 when i have the pad enabled the menu's and lara turn to the right constantly without me pressing any thing, i have to press left to get her to stop but i can't do anything else.

i would be really greatfull if someone could help me! :hug:

07-11-06, 13:29
Try this handy link.

JoyToKey (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?t=50243)

07-11-06, 13:36
thanks sim:hug:

07-11-06, 14:30
You'll also need a PS to USB adaptor..


07-11-06, 14:41
im still having the same problem, and ive set up the joytokey layout how i want.
i use this type of controller/pad for my pc games

07-11-06, 16:01
Did your Saitek come with any software?..I use a Saitek P880 pad,which comes with it's own profiler software,allowing you to map the keyboard to the controller buttons..highly recommended and never had any probs.

JoytoKey was intended to specifically allow the PS controller to work on a PC - you may have to try that..

14-11-06, 09:57
Which gamepad exactly? Some are not good.
Have you calibarted it first?
Make sure the gamepad (or any other gaming device) is not too close to the PC, as i know from own experience that a Logitech Wingman placed next to the PC (and not useing it, just placed there) caused the same effect.