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07-11-06, 21:04
My digital camera broke yesterday. The lens motor conked out. I need (read: NEED) a camera for college, and the only other option open to me atm. is to buy disposable film cameras every time I need to take some photos.

So I'd like the Brits amongst you to reccommend me a good quality digital camera or high-res camera phone for 100 pounds or less. I'll be using it to take snapshots of still lifes mostly, but it needs to be capable of handling basic art photography as well. (Ie. doesn't screw around with lighting, isn't really grainy or jpeggy, can do simple macro/depth of field effects)

I'm relying on your reccommendations because I haven't got the faintest idea where to start looking. Last camera I had was 5.2 megapixels but the actual picture quality was terrible, so I don't fancy buying another Polaroid anytime soon.

Thank ye. :hug:

07-11-06, 21:08
I got a 6 million pixel Pentax which takes good quality, got it form curries for under £100. I'd check in there/their website as they usually have loads of deals etc .

Good Luck