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07-11-06, 21:53
.........that Lara has got a twin sister?


It happened when I played TOMB RAIDER I REVISED, Levels by Jens Franke, (Daoine Sidhe), in the cut scene with Larson. Luckily I took a screenshot, because when I tried to "repeat" the event, it did not work again.

Btw. I was not quite sure in which forum to post this, so feel free to move it if needed.


Tomb Raider Master
07-11-06, 21:54
Although the image is very small, I see! :eek: LOL! :D

07-11-06, 21:54
Awwwww screenie too small to see properly!:(
Could you blow it up a wee bit i'd love to see it!:D

07-11-06, 21:55
Hey Gabi, your link doesn't work:wve: I WANNA SEE IT

07-11-06, 22:01
I wanna see!

just croft
07-11-06, 22:08
M2! BTW I think it should be on TRLE forum

07-11-06, 22:08
Sorry :o . Is this any better?


I do apologise for the quality. I took the screenshot with the TR Level Manager and have no idea how to get it better.

Oh, and the "link" isn't one, just to emphasise where the screenshot is taken from.