View Full Version : Bass Guitar

07-11-06, 22:15
does anyone here play bass guitar, i have just started taking lessons and i LOVE it, its great fun and i cant stop playing,
i know, i know !!! this is a pretty useless thread but i needed to tell SOMEONE

sooooooo, anyone else play bass, :D

07-11-06, 22:19
Nope, I've only played the guitar myself. But it's great that you've found a hobby and an instrument you enjoy playing :tmb:

07-11-06, 22:51
I play bass. I suck at it, though.

Melonie Tomb Raider
08-11-06, 00:26
I play guitar and bass guitar, thought it's been soooo long since I've played bass guitar, it would probably take me a little bit to get back used to it again. Fun stuff. :)