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08-11-06, 17:34
This is FUN. http://www.trle-community.net/images/smiles/devilish.gif


08-11-06, 17:36
LOL! What a sore loser! Although, i've been known sometimes to be a sore loser!

08-11-06, 17:40
:vlol: Thought she'd won for a second there didn't she!!

08-11-06, 17:42

Well that taught her a lesson, and the whole world saw what a sore loser she is...Brilliant :D

08-11-06, 17:43
I've seen that! I heard that a friend of her's said she was joking, but I dunno...

08-11-06, 18:12
Must be embarrasing to watch later. :D

I don´t believe for a second it was a joke. :D

08-11-06, 18:17
Well if it was a joke I think she'd have over reacted a lot more and made a complete go at it, but she looks so annoyed.....loved when she thew up her arms when a name was said,

* point and laughs*

08-11-06, 18:19
Must be embarrasing to watch later. :D

I donīt believe for a second it was a joke. :D

terribly embarrassing! :o
poor... :D

08-11-06, 18:20
Of course she´s going to say it was a joke now. :D
What else would she say?

"I can´t believe that ***** won, I should have won, me, me, ME!" ? :D

08-11-06, 18:20

*point and laughs*
*Joins Jared in the pointing and laughing* XD

08-11-06, 18:20
That was funny lol.

08-11-06, 18:22
yes well I say we go knock on her house and point n laugh :D

is she saying 'I won!!' ??

Who can lip read?

08-11-06, 18:22
see above

08-11-06, 18:23
yes well I say we go knock on her house and point n laugh :D

is she saying 'I won!!' ??

Who can lip read?
Yeah, lets go find her house :p

And I think she said 'WHAT!?'

08-11-06, 18:25
Yes, she says "WHAT?!" :D

08-11-06, 18:27
I've seen a worse one around 1990 witb a group of 4 actresses awaiting the results of the award. The name is announced and two thumbs go down and someone blows a raspberry. Not much chance of finding that clip again anywhere though unfortunately.

08-11-06, 18:31
Oh what selfish, shallow fools these mortals be...:D :p

08-11-06, 18:32
LMAO :vlol:

08-11-06, 19:13
yes well I say we go knock on her house and point n laugh :D

is she saying 'I won!!' ??

Who can lip read?

She says: WHAAAT!?

Mikel Croft
08-11-06, 19:23
The country music superstar says she was just joking when cameras showed her screaming "What?," in apparent anger, after she lost female vocalist of the year to newcomer Carrie Underwood at the Country Music Association Awards Monday night in Nashville, Tenn.
"The idea that I would act disrespectful towards a fellow musician is unimaginable to me," Hill said in a statement. "For this to become a focus of attention given the talent gathered is utterly ridiculous. Carrie is a talented and deserving female vocalist of the year."
Media outlets and blogs zeroed in on Hill's reaction after Underwood's name was announced at the ceremony. While other nominees - Sara Evans, Gretchen Wilson, Martina McBride - gave the typical gracious loser smile, Hill, who was standing backstage, turned to the camera and shouted "What?"
Although her voice could not be heard, it was clear from her lips what she said. She looked visibly upset and then it looked as if she was storming off.
However, Hill said it was all a joke, and her manager, Gary Borman, echoed that.
"I've worked with Faith for many years now and the idea that she would ever insult or undermine another artist, let alone another human being's success is absolutely preposterous. Those who know her know that she's incapable of such actions," he said in a statement.
"She was being playful while the nominations were being read and playful after."
Underwood also did not take it seriously, according to her publicist, Jessie Schmidt, who said that Hill spoke to Underwood after the show and that the two were fine.
Underwood, the 2005 "American Idol" champ, has become a triple platinum success since releasing her debut album late last year. Hill is a longtime darling of country music with crossover pop appeal.
This is the second time in less than a week that an awards show loss has resulted in an (apparent) on-camera freakout by a loser. Last week, Kanye West stormed the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards and interrupted the speech of the winners, claiming his video deserved the honour.
Đ The Canadian Press 2006

08-11-06, 19:24
teehee... :p

08-11-06, 21:39
She was clearly joking :whi: People really are gullible xD

08-11-06, 21:41
everyone is a sore loser. those who arent are just putting on a fake smile. she's either making a joke out of it, or showing how she really feels.

08-11-06, 21:43

Hybrid Soldier
08-11-06, 21:43
:vlol: Thought she'd won for a second there didn't she!!


Yeah. It's funny when the person replays it in slow motion. :D

09-11-06, 00:14
man I wouldn't wanna be her getting that replayed

09-11-06, 00:59
The problem with being a good sport is that you have to lose to prove it.

09-11-06, 06:03
Looks clear enough to me that she's joking.

09-11-06, 06:55
:vlol: What!?!? :vlol:

I noticed her straight-away.

09-11-06, 08:51
Lol, classic pure classic :D

09-11-06, 16:16
I'm not convinced she was genuinely upset, not at all.

The whole thing though reminds of that episode of Friends where Joey didn't get the soapie award for best newcomer and was caught on camera slamming his fist down into the table. :D