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Sam Burke
08-11-06, 19:31
After five years and many twists and turns, Microsoft on Wednesday said that development of Windows Vista is complete.

Windows chief Jim Allchin said Microsoft signed off on the code less than an hour ago. "It's rock solid and we're ready to ship. This is a good day," Allchin said in a conference call.

Allchin said Vista will go on sale to consumers Jan. 30. He said that Microsoft is releasing Vista in five languages. The French, Spanish, and Japanese versions were actually signed off on before the English version, Allchin said.

The software maker has scheduled a November 30 press conference to announce the new operating system, along with Office 2007. The releases, which mark major updates to Microsoft's two key money-makers, are scheduled to be made available to consumers early next year. Vista is slated to arrive on new PCs and on store shelves in January.

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09-11-06, 05:45
Moving to General Chat. ...

09-11-06, 10:20
I'd rather get a Mac :)
Although Microsoft are great when it comes to Xbox and Xbox Live :)

09-11-06, 17:40
I'm undecided about whether or not to get Vista.

And I don't think Microsoft can say any of their products are complete with a straight face.