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08-11-06, 21:20
Can anyone help me figure out what's going on with my PC mic... I used to work fine, but now whenever I record something, the sound ends up choppy and hardly able to be understood.
I have this program called Audacity, and when I record over there it sounds all fine, but when I record something with the Sound Recorder from windows (and also with my webcam), it ends up sounding all choppy.

Is there anything I should do? :confused:

08-11-06, 21:44
Update microphone driver? I use Audacity too, but I only record stuff from VCR with it. It sounded pretty crappy, so I switched to other freeware. Boot in safe mode, and try to use microphone, or try uninstalling and reinstalling the microphone.

08-11-06, 22:06
It's the newest update.

What I find peculiar is that the microphone works perfectly with the default settings of Audacity... The sounds of the recording only sound choppy when I use Windows Sound Recorder... or my webcam.

11-11-06, 01:28
A possible solution:

Some Motherboards with Dual-Processor VIA Chipsets May Have Noisy Playback After You Record Audio

Article ID : 283125 Last Review : January 15, 2006 Revision : 1.1
This article was previously published under Q283125

On some dual-processor computers that have VIA chipsets, if you record audio by means of the microphone input, the playback may contain static sounds.

This problem can occur with certain coder/decoder hardware (codecs), such as, the Winbond audio codec, which is used by some motherboard manufacturers.

To resolve this problem, contact the motherboard manufacturer for the availability of a software update.

The third-party products that are discussed in this article are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

You can get this from the Help and Support button on XP Start Menu.