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09-11-06, 08:31
Here Is a thread to Lara's buttler: winston. Who has been trapped in the fridge by millions, who has been shot at by lara in TR3 and most and importantly who has made all those loveley grunts and pushed tea into lara's face where ever she went in the masnion.:jmp:

Melonie Tomb Raider
09-11-06, 08:33
This probably shouldn't be in the art section. :vlol:

09-11-06, 09:32
Winston is the man , no doubt. It's a shame his lesser known work as lead guitarist with hair metal band Twisted Butler is not more appreciated


1983 promo photograph. Although this may be his side project band Half Man Half Hairspray.


2005 Autumn Tour. The hair has pretty much gone as is so often the case with long running metal bands, but he's still rockin' away with the same enthusiam that made the band a household name across the whole of East Sussex.

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09-11-06, 15:26
actually in the early games the butler name was jeeves (see the douglas coupland book). Then in chronicles (and in the movies) they switch it to Winston. Just like laraīs father used to be Henshingly Croft, and now is Richard Croft.

09-11-06, 16:06
Celephais, Winston looks mighty fine in the second pic! :D
And count me in, I'm in the butler apreciation club! :jmp:

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09-11-06, 18:37
:jmp: Let us appreciate. Winston/Jeeves for a while. He was pushing tea into lara's face the whole time. Wasn't it loveley. He was always there for you when you where trying to run towards secrets. (He was always there to stop you that is.) lol when I tried getting to the treasure room winston would always be there for me. :) :cln:

09-11-06, 19:25
Itīs amazing thet even though he walked soooooo slow he was everywhere! lol! A teletransportation device perhaps?

09-11-06, 20:00
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Laras Backpack
09-11-06, 20:03

:D Excellent! Winston would have a very interesting autobiography.

24-11-06, 01:59
Just like laraīs father used to be Henshingly Croft, and now is Richard Croft.

Isnīt Lara's name Lara Henshingly Croft? And her fathers' name is Richard Henshingly Croft?

I have a pic where her name is written Lara H. Croft, the "H" probably stands for Henshingly, at least that's my guess.