View Full Version : Help! AOD Sound.

11-11-06, 04:40
Hi I need some help with my AOD game, it's on the pc and Lara sounds like a chipmunk! She talks way too fast. Sorry if this has been posted before! What settings should I have?

11-11-06, 04:55
Lara sounds like a chipmunk and talks very fast.
Update the sound card driver. Confirmed problem on the Realtek Sound chip. If this still doesn't work go Start > Run... type in
On the "Sound" tab, move the slider to the left for 'no hardware acceleration'.
I hope this helps. :)

11-11-06, 07:00
THanks! That worked! One more problem. The captions are weird...the words are okay but the apostrophe is a square...what's up with that? And I want to know the BEST settings to play AOD on. My machine is capable of it because it can run TR:L....so thanks in advance!!!!!!!

11-11-06, 16:43
For the captions being squared i have no direct answer, but it could be related to your game's settings.
Did you change the settings from the default?
Did you do a full install?
Set Frame Rate Compensation to Active and Fast. Make sure Processor has been set correctly whether you have an AMD or Intel (Pentium) processor:


Are all your drivers and DirectX updated to the most recent?
If you want help with this, click on following link: Diagnose.exe (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) select to RUN it then post the complete result into your next reply.