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11-11-06, 07:46
Possibly there is nothing to be done but take my PC back to the shop and get them to fix it, but thought l would ask anyway. l got a new power supply and GeForce 6600GT card to play Legend with, now l few times l had an error message come up saying the graphics card had been powered down due to it not getting enough power, l could still play the game though. I later checked, it had the sup power cable attached correctly. After l got sick of replaying Legend l started playing AOD and that is when the trouble really started, at first it was only every now and then my PC would restart while playing, now it is about every 30 minutes it will restart l have tried decreasing some of the graphics settings but it has not worked, l simply cannot play AOD. l have reinstalled Legend to give that a run on next gen just to see if l get an error or the PC restarts. l am starting to think there is either somthing wrong with the power supply or something wrong with the card, the PC gives me no trouble any other time, although l do not play a lot of games. A friend plays World of Warcraft on it and it is fine with that, not that it seems particularly challenging to the graphics, what l have seen of it. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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11-11-06, 08:13
Since you did not post what kind of PSU you use for your computer I really can't give you any constructive advice except taking your computer to have it fixed by professionals before you ruin your graphics card or anything else.

11-11-06, 09:26
PSU is 500 watt, PC is a Pentium 4 2.6Ghz dual processor with 1.5GB RAM, now l am assuming there is no reason why AOD would have a problem with my processor since it is reasonably new unlike Tomb Raider 1. l was just really after confirmation that there is absolutly nothing in this game that could be causing the problem, my opinion of Cores work on AOD is not particularly high and l would not put it past them to have stuffed something up that would cause a restart, although it would seem unlikely, it just seems strange that l can play Legend, but not AOD :confused:

Edit - Well l played Legend in next gen mode with everthing on except full screen effects, got up to Nepal and apart from some stuttering and a bit of lag every now and then there were no problems. If the fault had been with my PC it would have crashed on Legend. l KNEW IT its that bloody crappy Core game!!!!!! So.. l have 2 versions that l cannot play it seems because my PS2 version is unplayable as well :(

11-11-06, 17:01
Hi Aussie. First of all, PSU is 500 watt does not guarantee anything. Most important about the PSU is that it is a good, reliable, stable one, preferrably of a wellknown quality brand. The cheap ones will print 500W on the box not telling that under full load it will sink to 350 W. Gaming DirectX9 games is full, heavy load.

BUT you tested, and if Legend next gen plays without problem (you must test more than an hour full load!) and AOD makes the PC shutdown within 30 minutes, i would first look at your game's settings. In AOD settings menu, just try Fixed Function (disregard my settings):


On the General tab, make sure you have set Framerate compensation to Active and Fast:


11-11-06, 18:17
Will try the fixed function, the last setting l had tried was PS 1.1, l already had the frame rate set to active and fast. l was playing Legend for about 3 hours, normally l would not play in next gen, but was deliberately testing to see if it would give the error message or restart the PC. The error message has not been seen since l updated to the latest NVidia drivers. l just need AOD to work for about 4 hours straight so l can finish doing the animations, l would have had them finished already except everytime l just get started it seems the PC restarts, l never even managed to get to the point where l could start yesterday, and being determined l tried 4 times before giving up in disgust. No matter what version l have played it has done it, although perhaps the 52 version was even less stable as it would not only restart but freeze/black screen me as well. l used to think it was because l was playing the original version, but no it is not that, it is not a savegame problem, l have had it do it on new game as well :(

11-11-06, 18:55
Wait Aussie. You are recording while running AOD? With Fraps?

Btw the game has incompatibilities: AOD crashes when taking screenshots using PrtScr button, also PrtScr+Ctrl crashes.

12-11-06, 00:41
I think it's pretty safe to say that your PSU has insufficient power. If the video card requires an extra power connector, that already gives you an idea of its relatively large power requirements when compared to the rest of the system (and the Pentium 4 CPU isn't exactly a low-power CPU, either).

Suggestion: get a quality PSU with at least 600 watts, such as an Antec or Thermaltake model. I think you may be surprised at the difference it'll make. :)

12-11-06, 07:04
Wait Aussie. You are recording while running AOD? With Fraps?

Btw the game has incompatibilities: AOD crashes when taking screenshots using PrtScr button, also PrtScr+Ctrl crashes.

Not recording when it actually crashes no, but l did have fraps running most of the time (but not all the time). Usually when it crashes l am either looking at something, especially anything fuzzy or with steam effects, or just standing doing nothing while examining the screen. The message for the extra power connector only came up twice about 2 months ago shortly after l had the PC upgraded, since upgrading to the latest driver it has not returned. Of course that could just mean l have not played Legend enough on next gen, but l have already played it that much l am starting to get sick of playing it, as pretty as the next gen graphics are there is only so many times l can play Legend

*aussie wanders of to finish playing Legend and redo all the time trials :cln:

12-11-06, 15:45
But AOD does not crash as long as you only run the game (without FRAPS)?

12-11-06, 23:28
No it even restarts without Fraps, and it restarted once a while back while l was recording, although the recording turned out OK. l played last night for a while with the new settings and it never crashed, although l did discover Fraps does not work if you have the cap lock on :cln: l could not understand why fraps died seemingly and would not record, l realised later l had accidently pressed the cap lock button :rolleyes: The game does not always restart, it sometime just crashes, but usually when that happens l was doing something l was not meant to be doing, or attempting to get the game to do something it would not normally do, so l accept it crashing as normal behavour
It seems to do it mainly on the Sanitarium level, since that is where l am most of the time, but it has restarted on the Aquatic research, Bio-Research , Louvre Galleries and Galleries under siege levels (l still have not finished playing those sections)

13-11-06, 10:10
I keep thinking it is your PSU.
It is not the amount of Watts that is said on the box, but the power in Amperes. Preferrably it should have 2 12v rails, and it should deliver at least 20 amperes combined.
Also, a reliable PSU is NEVER cheap, and it also should be of a renowned quality brand.

14-11-06, 16:01
True it is probably not that good but after paying $315 for the graphics card $120 was all l could afford for the PSU, even so if l find out it is the PSU it is going back and l will expect a more reliable replacement. It has not restarted since l changed the graphics setting you suggested, but then l have only had a chance to play once, l will hopefully get more time soon play Tomb Raider :) l am disappointed that l cannot use the best settings for the game though considering my PC is quite reasonable.