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12-11-06, 08:03
Hi. How do you make Windows98/95 Applications XP Usable? Like the TR Patches, Speeding up loading times etc.. How can I do this myself?


12-11-06, 09:25
You mean how to make programs?

Well first, you need to learn a programming language (such as C++ and VB). Then you need to compile this coding into an application.

For a begginner, I would recommend Visual Basic (or VB.net) as it is the easiest thing to start off with. You need to download the VB enviroment though before you can make them, you can get it from the Microsot site (its not free though, except there is an express version that is). Go and Google around and see what you can find.

>> http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/vb/


12-11-06, 09:36
No, I want to edit a Pre-Existing program so I can make it XP Compatible without it taking ages to load.

12-11-06, 11:01
Just disassemble the program, find out what is causing the problems, fix this in assembler and assemble the program, then test whether it works. Repeat until you get the desired result.

That means: There is no simple way to make a program XP compatible, and if you don't have the source code, it's nearly impossible (i.e. it will probably take too much time to be practical, unless you are very dedicated).

12-11-06, 18:51
Just make sure you have permission from the original creators of the program before you do this though. Copyright conditions may well be applicable.