View Full Version : How to run TR Game Saves?

Legend 4ever
12-11-06, 14:25
How to run TR Game Saves?:(

12-11-06, 14:42
Do you mean how to use downloaded game saves?

12-11-06, 14:45
Would depend on which game it was
Tomb Raider 1 throw it in C:\TOMBRAID
AOD put it in Program Files\Eidos Interactive\TRAOD\SaveGame
Legend put the save game in My Documents\Tomb Raider - Legend\Saved Games

The others l have not played for ages so not sure

Legend 4ever
12-11-06, 14:55
It is for TR 1-5!

12-11-06, 15:02
Aussie replied you.

For TR1, put the saved game into the C:\ TOMBRAID folder.

For the others, put the saved games in the folders you have installed the games. If you used the default installation folders, it should be:

C:\ Program Files\ Core Design\ TR2
C:\ Program Files\ Core Design\ TR3

... etc...

Legend 4ever
12-11-06, 15:10
Thanks guys!

12-11-06, 15:12
Downloaded savegames for TR1 often have the wrong name.

Their names should be:

If their names are spelled in another way, you must rename them. Otherwise they won't work.

Another thing to take note of, is that all games have a maximum os allowed saves that should not be exceeded, otherwise they will not all be accessable in the game.