View Full Version : plz help.

12-11-06, 19:29
i was going to put a demo on my n-gage QD which u cant use a usb cable with0it says u have to put a MMC card in the reader of my pc-wher is the reader/slot? i have one currently in the pc but that was the one thta came with it. how do i take it out and put the one for my n-gage in?

12-11-06, 20:44
so your saying how do you put the mmc in your n-gage. their is a manual that came with your n-gage please read it becuase i cant really explain were it is without a picture. All i can say is that its down the bottom were their is a thick rubber thing that opens and closes, open that and slide your mmc.

12-11-06, 21:20
i meant wher is the mmc reader on my pc