View Full Version : help:were is hibernation in vista

12-11-06, 20:37
i cant find the hibernation in vista,i dont remember were it was?

is it in power settings becuase its not their.

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12-11-06, 23:07
If I remember correctly...

to turn it on: open Command Prompt and type powercfg -H on
to turn it off: open Command Prompt and type powercfg -H off

13-11-06, 09:02
Here abraham:


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13-11-06, 09:28
There you go abraham. It's always better to get an advice from someone that actually uses a product. I had installed one of the first Vista betas that was released so I didn't remember that well were to look for it. Now I'm just waiting for the final (unless of course...).

I remembered though how to turn it on and off from the command line.

I'm still typing to launch all my programs in XP rather than clicking the icons or using Start Menu. Is much faster... at least for me.

13-11-06, 09:40
I'm still typing to launch all my programs in XP rather than clicking the icons or using Start Menu. Is much faster... at least for me.Really??? I am an icon/shortcut clicker. :)
Btw: in Vista, the Search bar is used for all commands. The cursor is always ready there, no need to first use the mouse. Whenever on Desktop, just start typing regedit > Enter. VERY well done! :tmb:

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13-11-06, 10:04
That is nice, Joseph. I like the "cursor always ready" feature.

I'm using one of the best app launchers out there... XP's own Address Bar embedded into the Task Bar to launch any app I need. The best part is that I can use keywords. For example to launch Dreamweaver I type dw and hit enter or for Diskeeper dk etc. No icons, no Start Menu. Nice, clean and convenient.

13-11-06, 10:22
Oh yes of course! That is true. I forgot about that address bar. Very handy. :tmb: I didn't know that for DreamWeaver "dw" would be enough though. :D

14-11-06, 05:20
loool im not that blind, its not their i even went to power settings and i cant find it, i think the chipset drivers arent installed properly, i can only put it to sleep,shut down,reboot

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14-11-06, 06:21
Which build of Vista do you have, abraham?

14-11-06, 07:13
build 5840 moving to 6000 when i get that iso burner.

14-11-06, 08:47
Don't you have XP installed?

14-11-06, 09:22
Well no becuase i dont know

anway i have instead RTM version and WILLING TO BUY THE HOME EDTION when i can:) and the hibernation is their, also its faster and ALOT MORE ICON UPDATES BIG TIME. umm i love vista and i only go on xp if i need something really bad that vista doesn offer.